The main goal of Odessa Self-Defense – maintaining order and countering separatism


Odessa, January 23, 2015 – “Sarmat”, a member of Self-Defense, instructor of camp “Patriot”, said that the actions of Odessa Self-Defense are clearly organized and not chaotic. Everything happens according to plan and order. If someone leaves on business, it does not happen spontaneously. Especially no one started beating the journalist.


Yesterday, the court had a lot of patriotic organizations. When there was a journalist of “Timer”, everyone began to whisper, to poke a finger at him. Grandmothers began to make noise and break into the courtroom, although at the time even the judge has not come to the place. The journalist began to approach the lens close to the representatives of pro-Ukrainian patriotic forces, they warned him, he did not listen. He was taken, he returned. When members of Self-Defense saw that he is rolled in the mud, they rushed immediately to separate them. “Sarmat” noted that so aggressively responded only to Dotsenko, and suggested that, apparently, he had previously been known for some sins.