Mega march! May 23 in Odesa will be the Parade of Embroidery

natalia mikhaylenko

Odesa, May 7, 2015 – Natalya Mykhailenko, activist, organizer of the Parade of Embroidery, said at a briefing on the sixth Mega march in embroidered shirts, which will be held on May 23 in Odesa.


Our history began in March 2012. It is absolutely apolitical event, we like it. Its goal – to show the beauty of Ukrainian culture.


Our first march was so intimate, almost family. Then it’s only 150 people. But we decided to make this event more extensive, even international. Now march of embroidered spread around the world, last year they were held in Poland, Japan, UK, the Netherlands, the United States, even in Mozambique. In Japan, it will be the third Mega March.


Natalya Mykhailenko said that this year the sixth Mega March will be held in Odesa on 23 of May. Begin at 1 a.m. in the Derybasivska Street near the Passage. According to the activist, it is not just a march, it is also a charity auction – to help our soldiers.


Marches are held twice a year, in spring and autumn. In September there will be the 7th Mega March. To the march to Odesa come friends from all over the world. At this time, we know exactly that will be guest from Brazil, which in 2012 fell in love with Ukraine. Participants create as they can, the last time was 2 taxis in embroidered shirts.


In march among the participants were the ultras team “Chernomorets”, this time they also take part in it.


“We are one family! Glory to Ukraine!” – is the slogan of the upcoming Mega march. It won the competition, which we conducted in Facebook.


Last year, June 28, Mega march ended in a big concert of “Okean Elzy”, and this year on May 23 from 15.00 begin the new Ukrainian music festival “Probudzhennya”. Marchers support the organizers of the festival and will invite the guests and participants of the march.


Along with the Odesa Mega March held March of Embroidery in London, and May 24 – Tokyo. Last year, in Japan was also a march and its members were not stopped by the rain.


On the march, according to Natalya Mykhailenko never been provocations, there is not a PR of any organization, it is not a political event, but family, very good. Protect the participants will the Police, and the ultras, and the guys from the Maidan. The march will end at the colonnade of the Vorontsov Palace, there will be a charity fair and a concert. You will hear “Red Rue” and “Warriors of light”.


May come also those, who have no shirts. It is fashionable to know the history of their shirts, said Natalya Mykhailenko – how embroidered a picture, in what region of Ukraine are embroidering like that. You can come and in the Bulgarian and Moldovan embroidered. In Kyiv, want not just to hold a march in embroidered shirts, but fully dressed in national costumes.


March in London united Ukrainian diaspora, people began to talk to each other, to help the Maidan, and then the Ukrainian Army. In Russia, too, was held a march of embroidery shirts , but was not called so. The government hid it under the slogan of the demonstration of different cultures.


Marches were held in Italy, Portugal, Andorra, Japan, Africa, Kazakhstan. In Ukraine, in the past it covered Donetsk and Lugansk. How will be this year with these cities is not yet known.


According to Natalya Mykhailenko, the organizers of the march are not chasing the scale, the sponsors, especially now that all the money should be sent to the defense of the country. When the time of peace is, and then will think about expansion.