Military journalists left in the Crimea all that was for the sake of Ukraine


Ivan Chmil, Alina Deak, representatives of TRC “BREEZE”, spoke at a briefingaboutthe recovery of Television and Radio Company, forced to leave the Crimea because of its annexation by Russia.

Ivan Chmil told at the briefing that the team of TRC arrived to Odessa from occupied by Russia Sevastopol. There they covered the activities of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. In Odessa, they work with the help of the First City Channel, which provides to military journalist some part of Sunday broadcast.

Almost all of the equipment has left in Crimea, so that, in fact, in Odessa they had to start from scratch. Ivan Chmil compares this situation with the 1993-94’s when Broadcasting Company was created virtually from scratch. Both then and now, the initiative took public. People helped with equipment, moral support.

Apart the broadcast on the First City the “Breeze” can be viewed on their website and in the video sharing channel of TRC on «Youtube». The development of Internet broadcasting is now a priority for journalists. According to Ivan Chmil, it will increase the audience hundreds of times, because viewers have access to TV and Radio programs from any place in the world.

Most programs of “Breeze” are about the life of the Ukrainian Army and Navy, although there is still a social and patriotic program. In the broadcasting company operates a mixed team – both military and civilian. Ivan Chmil with pride and gratitude reported that civilian personnel haven’t betrayed Ukraine, and also moved to Odessa with the military part of the team, leaving all their possessions in Sevastopol.

Now “BREEZE” lacks the equipment, especially camera crews. Of the three, which is available, one is broken; there is no money to repair. But on their number depends the quality and number of subjects, content of news programs. But despite the difficulties, the team of broadcasting company looks to the future with optimism and hopes that budget subsidies of next year will reduce the number of acute problems.