Miracle of the black inspirer of Maidan

Odessa, December 10, 2014

Gennady Druzenko, essayist, translator, a specialist in European and constitutional law and Alexey Goncharuk, social activist, lawyer, presented at a briefing the translation of Nelson Mandela’s “Long Walk to Freedom”.

Nelson Mandela was the mastermind of Maidan. He remains one of the few people, who say that we will do tomorrow. How to live on those who have lost loved ones, as the one or the other side of the confrontation. Experience in South Africa after the civil war in the 90s of the 20th century shows the path of reconciliation, which is so necessary now for Ukraine.

Nelson Mandela – the character that allows you to not lose faith in politics and politicians. Ukrainian translation is 43th in the world. It is noteworthy that in Russian language it has not been translated. Gennady Druzenko noticed that the Russians probably afraid of the word “freedom” in the title of the book.

Nelson Mandela showed that in politics the miracles are possible. It is not only messy, but what can improve the lives and there are politicians, who leave the world better than it was before.

Ukraine needs leaders like Mandela. We need someone willing to sacrifice personal for the common good. On Maidan Ukrainians have shown that they are ready to choose the value, not price.

And the original book and its translation are written in very simple language. It is the language of a man who for 23 years was in prison, and has experienced ups and downs, poverty and wealth.

Translator noted that, thank God, a book written by Mandela. So there is no pathos and exaltation. He mocks himself, joking. This shows that the people make history, not gods, and are as simple human beings like any other.

He saw people in all, even those who organized its repression. This is his last will and testament. Lesson of his struggle remains relevant today, Mandela renounced his principles.

He is the man who was loved not only by black but also white, which had every reason to fear that once in power, they want to take revenge.

Mandela is not just declared that South Africa will be home to all. He showed it in practice, has become not only a winner for whites, but also their hero.

This book is not just about something. This is a book about how to make history, and it continues to make history.

Now the baton of struggle for freedom given from Nelson Mandela to Ukrainians.

Alexey Goncharuk said that in the book there are many parallels with the present-day Ukraine. The same groups that cannot agree among themselves. Circumstances and the actors are different, but the thirst for freedom is common. This book allows us to look at the story from the other side. We live now in world with Ukraine as the center. But reading Mandela, we see that with similar circumstances faced people in other countries on other continents.

The book makes it possible to anticipate and look into the future. Shows that no matter what, you have to look at people as people.