Mobilization is legitimate and without it we cannot defend the country

Juri Dobrov


Yury Dobrov, head of the legal department of the Southern Territorial Defense Ministry of Ukraine, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice, said at a briefing on legal issues related to the mobilization. Now you can often hear that if there is no state of war, the mobilization is illegal. That’s not true. The Constitution and the law have articles about the defense, saying that the mobilization is possible in case of an attack or threat of attack. The law also provides such a thing as a special period.


Special period – this is time with the announcement of mobilization. It began on January 20 and will last till the end of May 2015. It is expected that during the first wave, from January to March, will be mobilized 50 thousand citizens of Ukraine. They will replace in the Army those, who were mobilized about a year ago. The law contains safeguards to mobilized during the year for them is saved workspace and average salary. It is therefore important to demobilize those, who have been mobilized in the spring of the last year, so they can return to their jobs.


To protect the sovereignty of the country – is the constitutional duty of every citizen. Received a summons, each must come to the recruitment office to pass a medical examination there, and if there are no contraindications, mobilized sent to one of the training centers. After a month of training they get into the Army.


Local authorities, business organizations, both public and private, should contribute to the military. Most people have already received the summons. Now these people are sent to medical examination and study.


Ukrainian Criminal Code provides for liability for failure to mobilize. Such people are threatened with imprisonment from 2 to 5 years. If a person received a summons and has a satisfactory state of health, he must on the agenda in the designated period of time to arrive at the place of gathering. Can only be mobilized reservists. These are those, who served in the Army, graduated from the military departments of universities, as well as persons, who are registered on the military at the age of 27 to 45 years.


Exempt from the mobilization persons unfit for health reasons, with three or more children, who independently raising a child up to 18 years, those who look after a disabled child 1-2 group, those who look after those, who need care, and students and post-graduate students, students in full-time education.


May also be booked employees of enterprises that perform important government contracts and strategic importance.


Mobilized benefits are paid equal wages of contract. They retain their place of work before the conscription to mobilize, as well as average earnings. Payment enterprises will receive from the budget.


Also provides the payment of one-time cash assistance at dismissal. This is a 4% cash collateral for each full month, but less than 25% of annual earnings.


Mobilized receive the same rights as other military personnel, in particular, the care plan. Entrepreneurs get reprieve on reporting, but after demobilization should within 35 days to confirm at the tax that they served in the Armed Forces. During this period, they are also exempt from the reporting and penalties.


Mobilized have the right to leave in 10 days. If they get to the area of ATO, they will receive the status of a participant of hostilities. All will be fully equipped at the training centers. Mobilization is conducted not only by the AFU, but also other law enforcement agencies, including the National Guard.


Mobilized in the first place, there will be those who wish it voluntarily. There will be no failures to such people from military offices, unless there is a contraindication for health or age.


All volunteer units should be included in the structure of the Armed Forces, but the leadership Volunteer Ukrainian Corp has not taken such a proposal yet. Accordingly, the patriots fighting there, still cannot enjoy the benefits and Social Security, which have troops. Now, this issue can be resolved through parliament, which already prepared the relevant bills.