Music from the heart of Maidan and ATO

sergey vasiliuk

Odesa, March 16, 2015 – Serhiy Vasylyuk, the leader of the band “Sun Shadow” held a briefing on “Creativity and the war: why do we actively help our Army. A few words about the Ukrainian Odesa”.


“Sun Shadow” plays Cossack rock. According to the leader of the band, first of all modern freedom-loving Ukrainians are listening to their music. It is not heavy, but not light, and bass guitars have neighbors lyrical pandora. The group has four studio albums. With their song “Cossacks” in the boxing ring goes out boxer Olexandr Usyk.


The group is now conducting a tour of the South and East of Ukraine. It began in Mariupol, and ended in Odesa. The tour started with Mariupol, because there is now a very tense situation.


In Odesa, the band gave concert in the club “Шкаф”. It was impossible to break on the concert. Musicians obviously did not expect such a stir. According to Serhiy Vasylyuk, people come to listen to them because they are trying to make sincere music. He said he was glad to perform in our city, because it was Odesa, who defended Ukraine in May of last year.


Because of the threat of terrorist attacks and provocations the musicians had a security. In addition to provide security at the concert came from Odessa branch of the Right Sector.


Serhiy Vasylyuk said that on the first night, when the Revolution of Dignity began, he sang at the Independence Square in Kyiv. Events were becoming more serious, and Serhiy’s songs sounded in the hottest spots – at the same Maidan, near Kiev House of Trade Unions, in other places.


When Ukraine was embraced by separatist actions and the war with Russia in Donbas, “Sun Shadow” acted with the support of Ukrainian patriotic forces in Kharkiv and Odesa, toured the military units in the East. Speaking to the soldiers, Serhiy Vasylyuk not only sang songs, but also talked about the history of relations between Ukraine and Russia, their difficulties, how many Ukrainian politicians are disappointed that contacted the Russian. These are Mazepa and Bohdan Khmelnytsky, already in the twentieth century Mykola Skripnik and Mykola Shelest.


Twice Serhiy Vasylyuk performed at Odesa Euromaidan, as well as Independence Day in Odesa. The group collaborates with a variety of community organizations, trying to go closer to the front, so Serhiy Vasylyuk is proud that he personally knows many Ukrainian heroes. He spoke at the forefront, landfills, schooled for volunteers. It surprises and delights that among our military there are a lot of optimists, who are not afraid of the enemy and ready to go into battle, despite the old technique and unjust orders. For example, those, which require not respond to enemy fire during the “truce”.


The group and personally Serhiy helped many volunteer battalions and Army. There were concerts, all proceeds from which were given for aid to soldiers.


Most soldiers do not have enough equipment. Shape, body armor – it stretched volunteers. But with modern technology to provide combat troops are much more complicated, and in this should be actively engaged the state.


Lacking in the country is also the political will of the leadership of the state for more resistance. If there is a will, Serhiy Vasylyuk is sure, we will be able to receive and technology. And liberate the occupied territories.


Musician stands for independent policy of Ukraine. But with the leadership and the electorate, as of now, we have more territory on which play their games both the West and Russia. But while the West is our ally. It does not capture our territories. Although, historically, the West has repeatedly betrayed us, so we have to build a strong independent state, so as not to depend on anybody. For example, the composition of the Odesa City Council changed only by 12%. People need to think before vote, while they are paradoxical in their choice, voting for bandits and thieves, and at the same time praising Stalin.


We have everything to be prosperous and self-sufficient, it is only necessary to make the right choice when voting, not be bought on the asphalt, playgrounds and billboards.


It creates a lot of radio stations with patriotic orientation. There are some stations positions if the group was in favor of the annexation of Crimea and it’s not being played.


I myself went through all Maidan, but I want to notice, that there was a mistake – the lack of clear objectives. It was necessary to advance to form a new alternative power vertical. Need training and a clear goal.


Should be combined mass of people, who not only in words, but in actions will lead the country out of the crisis, but it can be chaotic Maidan that will have no good.