National defense is one of the most important subjects at school now



Igor Shapkin, deputy director of the city Department of Education and Science, said at a briefing on how to bring up patriotism in Odessa schools now.

To date, there is a state program to study the subject of “National defense”. The program is designed to study it throughout the school year 2 class hours per week. But in schools is often shortened to an hour – hour and a half. Now the Ministry of Education recommended to all educational institutions to increase the number of hours on the subject to position of 2 hours.

Besides the military-run sports clubs, hobby groups of search activity, sports training, museum activities, preparing weapon skills (rifle groups).

Conducted mentoring with students, for military units attached list of schools, and then the military of these units often tell young people about the military routine, talk about the need to defend the homeland, conduct tours to military units, introduce the weapons and military lifestyle. Students, for their part, are helping to organize leisure – concerts, promotions, joint sports and military applications of the event.

Much work in the school is conducted by means of war veterans. They visit them at home, invite to social events in schools.

Another work is on the perpetuating of the memory, care of the graves of war heroes.

All this contributes to the education of our students in a patriotic spirit.

Also is conducted military-patriotic game “Falcon-Jura”. Literally in September 113th school of Odessa won the regional stage, and will present Odessa at the Ukrainian competitions.

Memorable dates are exhibitions of drawings, contests in libraries, meetings with veterans.

There are certainly problems with patriotic education. The first is, according to Oleg Shapkina, personnel. Most of the teachers – people aged, yet the Soviet training. Also, many schools do not have enough training weapons, some do not even layouts machine-guns.

Now City Department of Education has received a recommendation from Ukrainian Institute of National Memory to organize an exhibition on the theme of the ATO.