The National Guard from Odessa defends Mariupol

Vytaly Danko

Odessa, January 29, 2015 – Vitaliy Danko, the commander of the military unit number 3012, Southern Territorial Administration of the National Guard of Ukraine said at a briefing on the situation in the region and how fight in the ATO members of NG.


There is not a single soldier or officer, said the commander, who refused to do their duty in the ATO. Our part stands directly in the city and its surroundings. There Odessa residents are serving at checkpoints and in company-strong points. According to Vitaly Danko, no one pull there by force. If the officer or soldier-contractor does not want to defend their country, then they can just leave. But such cases recently have not been.


Now in the area of ATO fulfill their duty of about 200 National Guardsmen from Odessa unit.


With regard to financial security, then, according to the unit commander, its staff provided all allowances under the rules. Over the last year was part of the 15 pieces of equipment, as much has not received during all years of Ukrainian independence. Those who are serving in the area of the ATO are provided by the flight standards, besides the usual food they got milk, condensed milk, biscuits.


All National Guardsmen are now provided with two kinds of new forms. It is comfortable, everyone likes it. One of its features is warm lining that can be put on, if it’s cold and removed if it is hot. The form has been made in Ukraine.


The soldiers of the National Guard of the Odessa twice served in the zone of the ATO by rotation. For the first time – from October to November 2014, a total of 47 days, and the second time – from January 4 to the present time.


During this time, we lost 2 guys. November 2 at one of the checkpoints, where soldiers were serving, was a terrorist act, while checking in the car exploded bomb. Then the officer and soldier were killed.


After this procedure have been modified car tests. If the car before was inspected by 5 people, now two, and, often, asking the driver to leave the vehicle before the fighters will come to him. In this work also cover group, located at a safe distance.


National Guardsmen from Odessa got under fire of “Grad” in Mariupol January 24, when in the city were killed 30 civilians. All of the soldiers managed to shelter in the dugouts and were not injured.


National Guardsmen are also serving in Odessa. Here they protect foreign consulates, together with the Police patrol the streets. To do this, every day in the city comes out to about 100 fighters. Fears that such patrols glow the situation in the city are completely groundless. The National Guard, which was formerly called the Internal Troops, always helped the Police maintain law and order. There is nothing new in this. In addition, the majority of the National Guard soldiers – are residents of Odessa and the region so that they are perfectly familiar with the features and sentiments in the region. Therefore, to create some kind of incident they cannot.


Unit of the National Guard in Odessa is located at Industry Street, 22. Also in Odessa is Southern Territorial Department of the National Guard of Ukraine on Lustdorfskaya road 7. All who have a desire to serve under the contract may apply to these addresses.


Contracted should be physically healthy, bear significant load, because, for example, the duty last 6 hours, and usually have to spend time on fit.