If the Navy transfers from Odessa – it will be a betrayal against the Mariners



Odessa, December 8, 2014

Elena Solonina, Alexander Syvak, members of the working group of the Committee on Reconstruction and Development of the Navy under “Gromadska spіlka” Association of volunteers of Ukraine”, told at a briefing on the need to protect the Navy and sailors from the possible transfer and reduction.


The reason for the appeal was the information appeared in the media that the Ministry of Defense and General Staff intend to transfer the main naval base in Ukraine in Mykolaiv city, as well as to reduce the size of the fleet.


Alexander Syvak said that such a decision, if adopted, would be incorrect. Sailors came here from Crimea, leaving behind everything. They recreate the fleet virtually from scratch; their lives in Odessa became somehow adjusted, and now want to rip them again from the spot.


Elena Solonina says that sailors dream is returning to Crimea with the victory. It is loyal, faithful to the people of Ukraine officers. Do with them in such a manner again we cannot, they can lower their arms, because human resources are not limitless.


Alexander Syvak spoke about the enthusiasm with which in Odessa began to restore the fleet coming out from Crimea, remaining true to the oath officers. Due to the presence of the navy in the city, according to volunteer, we managed to stabilize the political situation in the south of Ukraine and prevent the development of separatism. Fleet protected us, now it’s time for us to protect our fleet.


Elena Solonina says that the sailors themselves do not complain. Despite all the difficulties, even find the time to go on the region and conduct lessons of courage in schools, to talk about their experiences to youth and children.


To support Odessa as the center of the naval forces of Ukraine are ready also the municipal and regional authorities. They also prepared a letter to the President, who are asked to do Odessa placement of Naval Staff and the naval base of the fleet.


Volunteers urge all who care about the citizens of Odessa, social activists and experts to join the workgroup and support its initiative that the center of naval forces in the country will be located in Odessa.


Alexander Syvak explained that Ukrainians trusted their lives to backstage decisions. But there is no smoke without fire. There is a movement of officials, other preparatory work. Wait when the decision is made, it is impossible, it is necessary to predict it. Once again to tear off people from the place – it’s just to betray them. So it is necessary to prevent any transfer of the fleet to another location or to reduce it.