Crimea. Broken fates

The events in Ukraine do not leave the pages of the world media. November 2013 people came out for signing an association agreement with the European Union, the protest lasted until February 22, 2014. After the flight of President Yanukovych, the Crimea “hit”: heterogeneous, cosmopolitan, rich in history and culture, an excitement began on the […]

Law enforcer: “Ukraine – a transit country through which carry tons of drugs” 281

  Oleg Golimbievsky, law enforcement officer, who headed the Teplodar police department of Bilyaivka PO AMIA in Odesa region, told about corrupt system of drug trafficking in Ukraine.   The law enforcer for a long time was the head of the department for illegal trafficking in organs, he have been worked since 1992. He has […]

Martial Arts Festival: Social activists help children with special needs

As said the representative of the public organization “Alliance for the Protection of Children’s Rights,” Oleg Ivanov, on November 14-15 started Aiki-marathon “Defend life! Save the world! “, aimed at helping and raising funds for children with special needs. It was planned a series of activities.   Marathon started with a charity event – all […]

Odesa journalists are taught to effectively search for information

In Odesa Crisis Media Center was held training for journalists by the director of “Institute post-informational society”, the adviser of the Minister of Information Policy Dmytro Zolotukhin.   Within a few hours an expert told how to effectively search for information for investigative journalism, using open sources, which, according to Dmytro Zolotukhin recently is extremely […]

“Lermontov” sanatorium: Despite the decision of the court today again tried to seize the sanatorium

As said the director of “Lermontov” sanatorium Dmytro Antipov, Administrative Court of Appeal ruled in Odesa to cancel the registration of the property rights by the Ministry of Justice and declared it ineligible action. But today at 10 am at the resort came a group of unknown people, who once again tried to seize “Lermontov” […]

Ariadna Mishchuk: Square of Heavenly Hundred is not a place for PR

Project Manager of tree planting in memory of Heavenly Hundred Ariadna Mishchuk told about the work on improvement of the park and vandalism.   According to public workers, the idea to plant trees in memory of those killed on Maidan came as a reaction to the terrible events in our country. The desire to organize […]

“Azov” member: Results of the competition to the Odesa prosecutor’s office may be rigged

Head of the Odesa cell of Civil Corps “Azov” Oleg Simashko described how was held a competition of prosecutors in our region.   For two months, was holding a competition for the position of public prosecutors in Odesa region, for which has been allocated two million dollars from the US Embassy. But according to Oleg […]

Odesa is in no hurry to get rid of “werewolves in epaulets”

This opinion was expressed by retired Interior Ministry lieutenant colonel, the expert of group “May 2″ Vladyslav Serdyuk, describing progress in the implementation of reforms in Odesa region, stressing that the change in our police has its own peculiarities, different from other regions of Ukraine.   – Now there is a transition period, when the […]

Reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: will be removed the grids at the police department and will be easier to ring up 102

    Retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Police Vladyslav Serdyuk said about the new structure of the Ministry of Interior.   According to him, the structure with the reform of the Police has changed: reduced number of departments in the new Police force. All police officers while performing duties at the office; confirmed only head […]

Odesa State Archive: helps search for the roots, collaborating with museums and dies without a new premises

  State archive of Odesa region – a unique institution. It is possible to find out who, when and where was born, married and died. By visiting it, you can create a family tree to find relatives to learn the details of enterprises and institutions. But the archive does not have enough space, and already […]