Ariadna Mishchuk: Square of Heavenly Hundred is not a place for PR


Project Manager of tree planting in memory of Heavenly Hundred Ariadna Mishchuk told about the work on improvement of the park and vandalism.


According to public workers, the idea to plant trees in memory of those killed on Maidan came as a reaction to the terrible events in our country. The desire to organize the park and plant 100 trees in it dates back to the end of February of last year. Originally, the activists, who are mostly simple Odesa residents, did not advertise their intentions, because the situation in the city was unstable. As a member of the project Philip Fursa said it was not a public relations campaign, not an advertisement of individuals, but a tribute in honor and memory of the victims. The guys collected funds for the seedlings, chose the place.



Ariadna Mishchuk emphasized that there are all permitting documents, the municipality originally proposed park “Jubilee”, but activists stopped at Lunar Park, which is located near the site of the Odesa Maidan fees. In the spring of 2014, 100 trees were planted, which has symbolic value, the activists put in order the place, organized the irrigation system. A number of patrons, residents and community organizations, including the “Self-Defense of Odesa”, responded to the initiative and helped activists. During this time, several times the trees were breaking by the unknown, doing the act of vandalism. Most recently, before the second anniversary of the Maidan start, all the trees from the park of Heavenly Hundred once again were rasped and cracked at night. Guys call it a planned action. But the park will again be restored. However, Ariadna Mishchuk asked no PR on this, because the project is impolitic. Anyone can join the activists.

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