“Azov” member: Results of the competition to the Odesa prosecutor’s office may be rigged

Head of the Odesa cell of Civil Corps “Azov” Oleg Simashko described how was held a competition of prosecutors in our region.


For two months, was holding a competition for the position of public prosecutors in Odesa region, for which has been allocated two million dollars from the US Embassy. But according to Oleg Simashko, results were falsified. The activist said that the reform of the prosecution suggests reducing the number of prosecutor’s offices in the region from 33 to 10. It is also planned to upgrade the administrative board. In fact, a complete update on the results of the competition could not be: from 10 candidates, who gained the highest scores, four have never worked in the prosecutor’s office, six – from among prosecutors and operating the system. Thus, the update is only 40%. In addition to public access has got correspondence between the Deputy Prosecutors of Odesa region Chuyko and Kostenko, in which even before the end of the contest were allegedly identified the leaders of each prosecutor’s office.


Oleg Simashko noted that all the “lighted” names, as well as candidates from the Law Academy on the basis of which the competition took place, were entered in the lists of mistrust, behind them carried out attention, this list has been sent to the management of the region and the Odesa prosecutor’s office, as well as President Ukraine. The activist said that there are doubts about the score of some candidates, so public figures appealed to the organizers of the competition to provide video. Oleg Simashko emphasized that at the first two phases the external candidates proved themselves at the highest level. This was followed by stages of psychological testing and interview, at which representatives of the old system for 15 minutes were talking with candidates. As was pointed out by Oleg Simashko, deciding was exactly interview, as in previous phases acting prosecutors got very few points, but after the interview, external candidates dropped in the ranking, and prosecutors’ rose: for example, the prosecutor Gurskaya from 13th place went up to the 3rd, it is not clear by what criteria it happened. According to the results of the competition, those candidates, the prosecutors, who were at the bottom of the rating after the interview, got a real chance to lead the “update” prosecutor’s offices: 26 people from the list of mistrust, 11 can be the heads of prosecutor’s offices.

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