Law enforcer: “Ukraine – a transit country through which carry tons of drugs” 281



Oleg Golimbievsky, law enforcement officer, who headed the Teplodar police department of Bilyaivka PO AMIA in Odesa region, told about corrupt system of drug trafficking in Ukraine.


The law enforcer for a long time was the head of the department for illegal trafficking in organs, he have been worked since 1992. He has repeatedly seized large parties, including hard drugs. That is why, he said, he was subjected to various harassment:


– My house was doused with gasoline, threw torches. They harassed my family. Against me filed a number of criminal records keeping, which were rigged. The last thing was – I had a note with threats, that I would be fired and jailed. In the end, I was detained; I was thrown the drugs in the car. But then a criminal record keeping closed – said Oleg Golimbievsky.


According to him, there are two groups that serve Ovidiopil district and Ilichivsk. These are internal security officers and prosecutors, who control the entire process on the territory of our country. And in Ukraine, which is a transit state, are hundreds of tons of drugs, including heavy – heroin. Only from Afghanistan held 50 tons of drugs.


– All these people,e who commit these crimes, went to the police – said Oleg Golimbievsky, noting that for effective fight against drug flow we need to change the law, suggesting a struggle not with drug addicts – they are sick people, but with drug traffickers, involved in the criminal scheme. We are talking about the abolition of article 309 of the Criminal Code.


It should be noted that OBNON was disbanded in October as part of the reform of the Interior Ministry. According to Retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Police Vladyslav Serdyuk, after the dissolution of the Statistics Department for the fight against drugs, the number of crimes has increased slightly.

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