“Lermontov” sanatorium: Despite the decision of the court today again tried to seize the sanatorium


As said the director of “Lermontov” sanatorium Dmytro Antipov, Administrative Court of Appeal ruled in Odesa to cancel the registration of the property rights by the Ministry of Justice and declared it ineligible action. But today at 10 am at the resort came a group of unknown people, who once again tried to seize “Lermontov” sanatorium.


Odesa residents and staff of the sanatorium prevented seizure activity. As it turned out, there acted also representatives of the executive service of the Primorsky district, who allegedly did not know about the decision of the Court of Appeal.


– At the moment, the Ministry of Justice has no moral and legal rights to sanatorium “Lermontov”. The confrontation lasted for half an hour, medical procedures have been suspended. Now the resort continues to work, – said Dmytro Antipov.


Director of the sanatorium said he expects to continue the confrontation with the Ministry of Justice, which is aimed to the expensive land “Lermontov” in the most prestigious district of Odesa.


– For some reason I am sure that the Ministry of Justice, which has a huge influence on the courts, will not leave us alone. They want so much to get a piece of land in Odesa. I am confident that they will continue their attacks, will be engaged in the creation of confusing claims. The team feels the support of Odesa citizens, we will defend the sanatorium, – said Dmytro Antipov.

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