Martial Arts Festival: Social activists help children with special needs


As said the representative of the public organization “Alliance for the Protection of Children’s Rights,” Oleg Ivanov, on November 14-15 started Aiki-marathon “Defend life! Save the world! “, aimed at helping and raising funds for children with special needs. It was planned a series of activities.


Marathon started with a charity event – all caring organizations gathered for a discussion about how to help families and children with special needs themselves. According to Oleg Ivanov, outlined a series of measures to support children and families, and the slogan of the movement is a call for unity and cooperation.


Since December 6, it will be held the Festival of Martial Arts, which will take place in the educational complex “Harmony”. The proceeds from the Festival will support children with disabilities, the organization of work of the Center of physical, mental and spiritual health of the family. As noted, the chairman of public organization “Odesa style federation of martial arts” Oleg Guziy, Martial Arts Festival will be held in the framework of Aiki-marathon. A few years ago, these festivals have held in our city. Now the tradition revives.


– This is a great opportunity to talk to children from different clubs and federations, to share experiences. Everyone will be able to donate funds for the disabled, orphans, children with disabilities, – said Oleg Guziy, noting that the entrance will be free.

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