Narcologist: Smoking – not a bad habit, but a mental disorder


Child narcologist Sergiy Goransky spoke about the issue of smoking.


November 15 was the International Day of quitting, which traditionally timed series of preventive and educational activities. The fact that the problem of smoking is an acute and urgent for our country: according to statistics, two-thirds of pupils at least once tried to smoke, one-fifth of teenagers under 16 years old actively smoke regularly. Sergiy Goransky stressed that in times of crisis the number of smokers becomes greater.


– It is hard to bring this issue to young people and those, who have long smoked, that they are doing something wrong. The great obstacle becomes the formation of physical and psychological dependence, when outreach is not effective, there is a question about the treatment, – said the physician.




Sergiy Goransky noted that smoking – it’s not a bad habit, but a mental disorder, illness addiction. For someone, who started smoking recently, can act preventive care. Often teenagers start smoking when they get to the respective company, out of interest, feelings of adulthood. But if they tell us about the problems that smoking brings, it can give a positive result. Each year, experts read a lot of lectures in schools about the dangers of smoking.


– We need to work to ensure that young people learned to cope with their problems, including psychological, without the use of any substances, training their sense of responsibility and increasing of self-esteem, giving them goals – said Sergiy Goransky, noting that those, who have become dependent on cigarettes, too, can cope with this problem, the main thing – it is an active desire.

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