Odesa is in no hurry to get rid of “werewolves in epaulets”


This opinion was expressed by retired Interior Ministry lieutenant colonel, the expert of group “May 2″ Vladyslav Serdyuk, describing progress in the implementation of reforms in Odesa region, stressing that the change in our police has its own peculiarities, different from other regions of Ukraine.


– Now there is a transition period, when the leadership of Chief of Police, the management of internal security carry out screening of employees, who, in their opinion, are not worthy to serve in the new system called “Police”, – said the expert.


According to him, currently 387 employees of the former Police officers have written a letter of resignation. Another 134 failed the test of internal security. But, as was noted by Vladyslav Serdyuk, to the most this control is a set of questions: in fact, in the operational units are former operatives and district policemen, which for one reason or another got in this administration, which has a vertical chain of command – head does not obey the head of the regional police. The purpose of this control, which also falls mainly to managerial positions employees of the SSU – is the fight against corruption in law enforcement bodies and the identification of crime among law enforcement officers.



– It turns out that the staff of the administration, with its operational information, determines who the «werewolf in epaulet» is and who is not. However, the operational information may also be oral, that is actually on the level of rumors. In my opinion, this is a direct way to abuse by members of the management. This selection is opaque and wrong – said Vladyslav Serdyuk, noting that the need to do like in Kyiv and certify, to monitor which will, inter alia, social activists, not just employees of the MIA.


Negative moments of haste in the selection and training of employees have already become apparent in the recruitment of a new patrol police of Odesa. The other day the scandal broke new Odesa police officers, who are suspected of separatism. Also, two employees of the patrol police have been arrested for taking bribes.


– The patrol police have got a lot of random people, – said Vladyslav Serdyuk.

In general, according to the expert, the reform of the Interior Ministry in Ukraine will take from 3 to 5 years, taking into account that there will be no external interference, large-scale fighting.

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