Odesa parking lot: how to “cut” 30 million with the help of parking


Public organization “Anticorruption Office” opened up the criminal scheme in which every year the city budget loses about 30 million UAH. This money goes into the pockets of people close to the municipal government.


About the details of the criminal scheme at a briefing in Odesa Crisis Media Center told Coordinator of NGO “Anti-corruption office” Oleksiy Chorny.


– We have been working for several months, fighting corruption with a support of “Vidrodjennya”, – he said. – One of exposed corruption schemes associated with parking. According to the decision of the City Council since September 10, 2015 №7039, 140 parking lots in Odesa from 358 receives a benefit of 90% of the payment of the parking fee.


According to the volunteer, the decision is not the first of this kind in a row. For the first time such a privilege was given to chosen parking lots in 2013. Arguments why certain parking lots received privileges were given only once, in 2013. Then in the decision of the City Council was noted that the benefits were provided to the parking lots, which are actively used by people with disabilities, veterans, pensioners and people, who created them by their labor.


– We have carried out some monitoring sites, – said Oleksiy Chorny – to determine what did there people who use them, and whether they are in neighborhoods in need of social protection like pensioners and disabled people. Verified parking lots are located in the heart of the city, and they had no garages or sheds, where people can make their work. It was just part of the roadway, curbs and sidewalks with drawing markup. A larger number of beneficiaries, we also did not find.


But social activists found that the exemptions from payment of parking lots receive only the parking lots, run by KP “Parkservis”. At the same time prices for the use of parking that have received incentives for car owners are the same as those, who do not have benefits. Although, according to the calculations of public men, the parking fee in the cost of parking services is nearly 50%, so the cost of their services would have to be two times lower than the parking, which have not received benefits.


In general, the annual loss of the city budget from such parking lots “benefits”, according to the calculations of “Anti-Corruption Office” is at least 30 million UAH. This money goes through a network of firm-“spacers” into the pockets of people, who are close to the city authorities.


– We offer the deputies to monitor the decision 7039, – said Oleksiy Chorny – and after the results are received, cancel it. But we still give the information to the prosecutor, maybe the scheme will be destroyed this way.


The whole scheme is tied, according to Oleksiy Chorny, to director of the Odesa KP “Parkservis” and advisor of the mayor Sergiy Dubenko.


– Who is lobbying the scheme among the deputies of the City Council, it remains to be seen, – he said.


Oleksiy Chorny also suggested that the benefits for the individual parking should not be, in principle, because it violates the principle of fair competition.

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