Odesa Regional State Administration will present a package of reforms in the transport sector


As said the chief of the department of transport and maritime complex at the Odesa Regional State Administration Georgy Zubko, will be soon presented a plan for reform of the transport sector in the region.


On assurances of officials have already worked out step by step plan with a list of specific actions of a short-term (implementation within a year), medium-term (three years) and long term (up to seven years), the reform of the transport industry. The next week in Warsaw, Georgy Zubko plans to summarize all the achievements, the plan passed the stage of consultation with international experts. The package of changes will also be introduced to the public in the near future.


In addition, it is planned to create a new tender committee as the foundation of the distribution routes, which will be attended by representatives of the public profile of transport organizations. Currently more than 120 routes of the region are able overdue. The next year will be bargained the entire route network of Odesa region, namely 450 routes.


– Let’s start with the most simple and requiring momentary intervention processes. As for the old vehicle and the types of form of transportation, want to say that I do not agree with the thesis that the carrier is unable to update his park. We analyzed many specific routes and carriers. With eight routes in the month, according to our conservative estimates, carriers earn about half a million UAH. But in what condition these routes are today – a crime – said Georgy Zubko.


The official said that the Odesa Regional State Administration needs the support of the public to deal with the transport sector.

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