Vladyslav Serdyuk: Prisons are overcrowded with former law enforcement officers

Retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Police Vladyslav Serdyuk described the crime situation in Odesa.   According to him, the situation with crime rate is worsening. For 10 months of this year in Odesa recorded 9820 criminal proceedings for committed crimes. In comparison with indicators for 9 months a significant increase: for example, from January to […]

Odesa parking lot: how to “cut” 30 million with the help of parking

Public organization “Anticorruption Office” opened up the criminal scheme in which every year the city budget loses about 30 million UAH. This money goes into the pockets of people close to the municipal government.   About the details of the criminal scheme at a briefing in Odesa Crisis Media Center told Coordinator of NGO “Anti-corruption […]

The conflict around “Argentum”: the owner of the plant is being deprived of business

The conflict situation around the jewelry factory “Argentum” lasts since 2013. As said the legal owner of premises and equipment of the plant Tetyana Marinenko, creator of the “Argentum” was her husband, who died 10 years ago. After the death of her husband, she began to manage the affairs, taking a companion Volodymyr Bidenko, who […]

People smoke because of the problems and lack of implementation

Doctor-narcologist Sergiy Goransky told about the causes of smoking.   According to the doctor, smoking is a social disease, its cause – insecurity and lack of implementation of human rights. The most “simple” way to pseudo-solutions stands in use of a soothing substance that creates an artificial psychological comfort, people like to forget about the […]

Narcologist: Smoking – not a bad habit, but a mental disorder

  Child narcologist Sergiy Goransky spoke about the issue of smoking.   November 15 was the International Day of quitting, which traditionally timed series of preventive and educational activities. The fact that the problem of smoking is an acute and urgent for our country: according to statistics, two-thirds of pupils at least once tried to […]

Fighter from 28th Brigade: Volodymyr Pushkar did not have time to establish a channel of smuggling

The battalion commander of the 28th Brigade, Volodymyr Pushkar, accused of aiding terrorists, smuggling and receiving from them more than a million UAH. He was arrested at the end of September, after loud accusations from military prosecutor Anatoly Matios live telecast. Then, to protect the battalion commander went Odesa activists, volunteers and soldiers of the […]

A ground for counterrevolution

by Elena Galkina In the early morning of October 31, 2015, the searches in UKROP party offices and the arrest of the party leader Hennadii Korban triggered the active phase of counterrevolution in Ukraine. In the context of history, the situation is unique. No one could initiate the pogrom of UKROP but the President Poroshenko […]


Odesa Regional State Administration will present a package of reforms in the transport sector

As said the chief of the department of transport and maritime complex at the Odesa Regional State Administration Georgy Zubko, will be soon presented a plan for reform of the transport sector in the region.   On assurances of officials have already worked out step by step plan with a list of specific actions of […]

The annual all-Ukrainian action “Collect gift for orphan” has started

This year to the initiative has joined a number of community organizations. As said the head of the Foundation “Good Samaritan” Denys Serdichenko, this year will be two directions of the action: “Herringbone desires”, in the framework of this project will be collected nominal gifts, wished by children, will also be collected and unregistered gifts […]

Собери подарок сироте

Social activists are launching the project “Stop corruption in transport”

As said the project leader Leonid Shtekel, a charitable foundation “Renaissance” allocated for the implementation of the ambitious project of reforms in the transport sector of the region.   – We want to optimize processes with passenger transport, to make it as transparent as possible. Now we are developing profiles for carriers, government, people who […]