Lermontov resort is preparing surprise for ATO fighters. And keeps the defense from the raiders

Dmytro Antipov   Since May 2014 Odesa Lermontov Sanatorium is rehabilitating wounded during the fighting in Donbas fighters of ATO for free. Now, health care workers want to diversify leisure of treated wounded. To do this, they decided to build a library and a sports hall.   Details of the initiatives were reported at a […]

Georgy Zubko: “We go to the deregulation of transportation”

As said the chief of the department of transport and maritime complex at the Odesa Regional State Administration Georgy Zubko, the transport sector will be reformed.   George Zubko said that it is planned to introduce the deregulation of transport. – This is a worldwide practice. The impact of the administrative arm of the transport […]

Odesa reform package is vellum of Georgia law on economic freedom. Without a change in the Constitution, these reforms are not possible

This in Odesa Crisis Media Center said the lawyer Snezhana Peycheva, discussing a package of reforms, designed by RSA as part of a round table. The expert noted that 82% of reforms aimed at changing state property management, are already being implemented at some point or another. At the lowest level are the reforms of […]

“Group on May 2″: Ukrainian information policy is not opposed to propaganda

Several days ago, members of the “Group on May 2″ accidentally found out that in Berlin “House of Democracy and Human Rights” is planned for the festival “Democracy in the fire” on December 17-19, and the organizer named an activist of pro-Russian party “Rodina”, whose leader is now under arrest in Italy, Oleg Muzyka. Odesa […]

Lawyer revealed legal contradictions in Odesa reform package: proposed laws designed for perfect legal system

Lawyer, activist Svitlana Popova expressed her opinion, concerning the two proposed bills in the framework of Odesa reform package, which, according to the expert, contain certain conflicts.   According to Svitlana Popova, both projects touch upon land, they are connected to each other, to make it clear how they will work together. The first bill […]

Group on May 2: Ukraine will not brush aside the investigation of the tragedy

Journalistic-expert “Group on May 2″ has prepared an appeal to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to finally start investigation of the events on May 2, 2014 in Odesa.   As said the member of journalistic-expert group Sergiy Dibrov, after the publication of the report and the press conference of the International Advisory Group it became […]

Social activists: Odesa reform package has not passed the stage of public discussion; it was placed on unofficial site

In Odesa Crisis Media center held a round table devoted to discussion of the developed by State Administration package of reforms for our region.   As said the expert on regional policy and development planning of the region Yury Melnyk, September 21 was sent the request to the receipt of the documents from the reform […]

Elena Galkina: “Summit G20: Putin has not defeated anyone. Ukraine is not changed on Syria”

Political scientist, historian Elena Galkina summed up the results of the G20 summit and its implications for Ukraine.   According to Elena Galkina, after the summit in the Russian and some Ukrainian media reported that the head of the Russian Federation returns to the world stage, the country comes out of isolation, Putin’s top leaders […]

Elena Galkina: Ukraine is a priority for Russian Federation – possible intensification of hostilities

Historian and political scientist Elena Galkina expressed her opinion on options for further development of the situation in Ukraine.   According to the historian, Ukraine remains a priority for Russia’s foreign policy, because if Ukraine goes completely out of Russia’s influence, Russian Federation ceases to be a European country, and it is for her a […]

The reforms without changing the laws and their implementation are not possible at the local level

Such an opinion was expressed by the representative of the public at the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine Valery Vetrov, told about the anti-corruption analysis of normative documents of local authorities in Odesa, which was initiated by entrepreneurs and activists. According to the activist, you need to create an environment of openness and transparency of […]