People smoke because of the problems and lack of implementation

Doctor-narcologist Sergiy Goransky told about the causes of smoking.


According to the doctor, smoking is a social disease, its cause – insecurity and lack of implementation of human rights. The most “simple” way to pseudo-solutions stands in use of a soothing substance that creates an artificial psychological comfort, people like to forget about the problem.


– Man likewise is in a bad economic state, a bad social environment, he is helpless to solve his problems, but for some time it does no bother him. Always a stressful situation – a prerequisite for the use of psychoactive substances such as cigarettes, – said Sergiy Goransky, stressing that in the last two years the number of smokers, including among young people has increased dramatically.


Fight against smoking among young people, according to experts, should also close all the trade stalls near schools. However, Sergiy Goransky has negative attitude towards scary pictures on cigarette packs, according to the doctor, they are ineffective.


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