Reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: will be removed the grids at the police department and will be easier to ring up 102



Retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Police Vladyslav Serdyuk said about the new structure of the Ministry of Interior.


According to him, the structure with the reform of the Police has changed: reduced number of departments in the new Police force. All police officers while performing duties at the office; confirmed only head of State Police in Odesa region Georgi Lordkipanidze. Abolished the city police department. While not identified staff, as well as from the beginning of next year it is planned re-certification of law enforcement officers.


Vladyslav Serdyuk also said that Georgi Lordkipanidze proposed number of innovations that might be implemented. In particular, we are talking about the elimination of grids in the regional departments of the police and the guards inside the building, placed them outside only to guard duty unit. In the service “102” increased the number of managers, their number will grow. Furthermore it is planned to replace the old Soviet equipment that everyone has the opportunity to call the police.


– The fact that a lot of things change in the work of law enforcement bodies – this is true. Changes in Odesa region ahead in many ways other regions – said Vladyslav Serdyuk.


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