Social activists are launching the project “Stop corruption in transport”


As said the project leader Leonid Shtekel, a charitable foundation “Renaissance” allocated for the implementation of the ambitious project of reforms in the transport sector of the region.


– We want to optimize processes with passenger transport, to make it as transparent as possible. Now we are developing profiles for carriers, government, people who use transport. We plan to establish a system of transparency, based on e-democracy – will be organized system of public hearings on transport to ensure that there can participate people across the region. In addition it is planned to create an institute of public inspectors on public transport. Our task – to establish a system of feedback. This is a fundamental question – said Leonid Shtekel.


The project partner is public organization “Association of Transport” also supports the initiative of Odesa Regional State Administration. According to the organization representative Illya Tishchenko, we have prepared a number of proposals on the basis of experience and continuous communication with the carriers, because in this industry a lot of problems – this is the carriage of persons with disabilities, establishing the work of school buses, providing transportation to the remote villages of Odesa region, the introduction of electronic ticketing and centralized ticket sales, conditions of carriage of passengers.


– In the transport sector it is hard to push corruption. Businesses cannot today purchase new buses for the transportation of passengers, large trucks, which can carry a large number of people, as it happens around the world. There are other complex issues related to tariffs, roads, – said Illya Tishchenko, stressing that the important point is the dispatching.


It should be noted that, according to community members, the shadow income in transport are tens of millions UAH only in Odesa.

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