The conflict around “Argentum”: the owner of the plant is being deprived of business


The conflict situation around the jewelry factory “Argentum” lasts since 2013. As said the legal owner of premises and equipment of the plant Tetyana Marinenko, creator of the “Argentum” was her husband, who died 10 years ago. After the death of her husband, she began to manage the affairs, taking a companion Volodymyr Bidenko, who was a worker at the plant. Two years ago it was decided to break the relationship of the jewelry business. But Volodymyr Bidenko with the development of the situation did not agree and took a piece of equipment, goods and raw materials.

– In this situation, I want this man and his family just leave us. To avoid conflict, I left the premises in 2014, Volodymyr Bidenko began to actively discourage my work – he disburse various court decisions, six times came to my home with searches, – said Tetyana Marinenko.

To help the owner of the plant decided the representatives of Odesa cell NGO “Self-Defense of Maidan”. As noted the Legal Counsel Oleksandr Yakovenko, Volodymyr Bidenko leads active information war, blaming the “Self-Defense of Maidan” in raiding, although he did not provide any documents to the equipment.

– Mr. Bidenko by power and corruption methods deprived Tetyana Marinenko of all that her husband earned. We learned from a legal point of view the situation, realized that Bidenko has no legal reason to be there, he took a room by raiding. We asked to provide documents to the equipment. But he did not submit any documents for the equipment, which is on the floor of Tetyana Marinenko, he decided with the help of law enforcement agencies to seize the equipment, – explained Oleksandr Yakovenko.

According to Tetyana Marinenko, building in Ataman Holovaty St., where the plant is located, almost entirely, with the exception of the 7th, in part of the 1st and 2nd floors, belongs to her. She handed over the rooms, but after unauthorized off water and elevators in the building by Volodymyr Bidenko, tenants terminated the contract. More than a year Tetyana Marinenko’s plant does not work, all activity stopped. Moreover litigation Marinenko-Bidenko is also around the hotel in Odesa region, which Tetyana Marinenko build, but now she just is not admited to, and Volodymyr Bidenko sued, demanding the return of land to the state.

Tetyana Marinenko noted that Volodymyr Bidenko was trying to make peace, but more than talk is not going down. Currently Tetyana Marinenko did not sue any claims to court, in March was opened the criminal proceedings initiated by Volodymyr Bidenko, in which searches were carried out at Marinenko’s house and in the workplace. According to the lawyer of Tetyana Marinenko, Viktor Ivanovsky, they were illegal, since they have become a cause for some debt between Bidenko and a man who worked as an ordinary employee at Marinenko. As a result of these searches Tetyana Marinenko missing part of the documents. And the police did not respond to calls. Now the pre-trial investigation is underway.

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