Vladyslav Serdyuk: Prisons are overcrowded with former law enforcement officers


Retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Police Vladyslav Serdyuk described the crime situation in Odesa.


According to him, the situation with crime rate is worsening. For 10 months of this year in Odesa recorded 9820 criminal proceedings for committed crimes. In comparison with indicators for 9 months a significant increase: for example, from January to September this year, there were almost 8350 criminal proceedings. At the same time disclosed only 3.5 thousand crimes, that is, slightly more than 30% of those registered. There is an increase in almost all types of crime: burglary, robbery, theft. Detection of hijackings is very low – about 20%. However, the increase in murders, according to the expert, minor: the first 9 months of this year recorded 48 kills and 10 months 49. A small growth in robberies: in 10 months recorded 107 robberies, 75 disclosed.


– The growth of robberies suggests that poorly working patrol service and the operational arm of the criminal investigation department. These two services must work in tandem, but the chief of patrol police is not subject to the Chief of Police of Odesa region. There is no moment of subordination – expressed his opinion Vladyslav Serdyuk.


In connection with the reform and restructuring of the District Police Station there is a lack of staff. In addition, statistics show that liquidated recently structure of the Interior Ministry, which was to fight against drug trafficking, in any way has not affected the situation: for example, for the first 9 months of offenses under this article, there were about 310, and for 10 months – the number had risen to 320.




– Nowhere, in any region there is such statistics, over the last six months among the staff of internal security, prosecutor’s office, the SSU were detained 30 police officers for crimes, most of them arrested. Soon we will have nowhere to put criminals; cameras are crammed with former police officers. This suggests that there is no real fight against crime in the ranks of law enforcement agencies – said Vladyslav Serdyuk, noting that, in spite of the negative, the overall trend is positive, changes occur.


Also, expert added that locally the reforms would take place faster and more efficiently if the central government did not intervene.


– Until now, unfortunately, is working “telephone law”: call from Kyiv and “recommend” skipping a particular employee. I know such cases and they are non-trivial. Kyiv, Ministry reorganizes, and it absolutely does not fit with the line of decentralization – said Vladyslav Serdyuk.


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