Nonpayment – the main problem of Ukrainian utilities

valery shtefanets


Odesa, April 22, 2015 – Valery Shtefanets, a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing, managing a group of houses, Company of Co-owners of Apartment Building, said at a briefing on the problems of reforming housing and communal services and the operation of the Odesa experience with Company of Co-owners of Apartment Building.


Valery Shtefanets said that the issue of housing reform is very painful to discuss, but concrete results, we still do not see. Most of the population lives in apartment buildings. Serve their Building Society, CCAB, and new houses also private companies.


One of the main problems of housing and utilities sector – nonpayment. Valery Shtefanets said that often money does not come at the expense of years. Therefore, the money does not stay home maintenance, because first of all it is necessary to pay for electricity and water, and go to that all means.


Valery Shtefanets gave an example: in shop no one sells products on credit, and no one is trying to do so. But to pay for utilities people consider optional. And to exact arrears is very difficult.


These nonpayment entail a lot of problems, especially now, when everything became more expensive. To buy on recover money can much less.


Exit Valery Shtefanets sees in changes in legislation, which should put more tough questions about debt collection, especially now, when the state began such a large subsidy program.


According to Valery Shtefanets, if the CCAB or BS is not calculated for electricity or water, the measures applied to them hard and fast. For example, can shut off the water throughout the house, and then suffer not only defaulters, but also those tenants, who faithfully pay.


Valery Shtefanets says that they cannot obtain the transfer of residents on individual contracts for water, even though by law it is supposed to happen. This prevents the water utility, which is more profitable to deal with one payer – CCAB. On the other hand, more than 10 years, the city cannot transmit to Infoksvodokanal traces of water balance. Therefore, in case of accidents CCAB and BS have to pay for repairs from their own funds, as opposed to the tenants of houses, communal property.


In the CCAB there is a problem of control frames. People lack the economic and legal training. Previously, these people were accounting courses, where in three months could learn the basics of the profession. Valery Shtefanets believes that such courses need to renew to BS and CCAB operated by qualified personnel.


There is much talk about improving the energy efficiency of houses. But while from the state – only talks, and tenants and the city will not pull multimillion financial costs of renovating of their homes.


Valery Shtefanets says that it is unclear why this is not now put forward requirements for energy efficiency to houses that are being built, so you do not deal with them immediately upgrade.


A group of houses, which I run, consists of 18 houses. Order – 5-7% of the owners of apartments in them – defaulters. Now CCAB in the city – 22% of houses. All new houses become CCAB. Cases, the housing office took on service a new home Valery Shtefanets hasn’t not met.


What the practical difference between CCAB and BS is for tenants, Valery Shtefanets explained by the following example. In CCAB primarily keep in order roof and communications. Even if you do not have enough money to repair the porch, the roof and the pipe are always in order. For comparison, we can take the two houses of the same age, serviced by CCAB and BS, and see that house of CCAB is in the best condition.