If not faith in God, victims on Maidan would have been more



February 26, 2015 – Alexei Gordeev, writer, said at a briefing about his book “The Church on Maidan”. According to the author, the book told 28 stories directly involved in the events of winter that changed us all.


Alexei Gordeev was born in Sevastopol, and before entering the University of Kiev lived there. In school, he did not even learn the Ukrainian language. With the advent of the Maidan, he realized that he cannot stay away. First participated in it as a peace party. When the shooting started, filmed the events as a journalist. February 18, he was hit in the head with shot from a gun of “Berkut”.


The book is written in Russian and is designed for Russian-speaking audience. It consists of 28 interviews with 28 believers.


Alexei Gordeev told that a Christian, before doing something, finds out if the Word of God allows to do it. The book describes the fracture of Maidan from pro-European action to fight for human rights.


As a result, the text covers 94 days, from the day when the ex- Prime Minister Azarov announced the end of European integration, and until February 23, the day when Alexander Turchinov became acting Speaker and President.


The book is written so that Russian-speaking audience could understand us. After the end of Maidan Alexei Gordeev, according to him, thought that we can sit down with opponents to the negotiating table and talk peacefully, explaining why began the annexation of the Crimea and the ATO.


The book – it is explanation why we are what we are. In the book there are hundreds of links with sources of information, so that the reader can check the veracity of the written.


From the 28 interviews, 24 people said that the issue of European integration policy they were not interested. But on the night of 29-30 November, they understood that this is not about Euromaidan, but Maidan. Euromaidan became Maidan. And then the people came out to protect the basic human values.


A huge role in that there were a little victims, played the church. It constantly reminded that the protest should be peaceful. Called on to put out aggression. Believers were in all sectors of Maidan. Church urged not to respond to provocations, solved personal problems of protesters.

Most prone to Maidan were UOC-KP, UGCC, Roman Catholic Church, some Protestant churches. UOC-MP said that praying for everyone, but at the Lavra were settled Titushkas and on the day of beatings of students St. Michael’s Cathedral of the Kiev Patriarchate opened its doors to shelter victims, and St. Sophia of the Moscow Patriarchate, no.


There were, however, and those believers who openly supported Antimaidan. For example, the church “Embassy of God”, led by Alexander Zinchenko, who is now hiding in Russia.


Alexei Gordeev told that the church – is a great way to bring to opponents that Maidan was the Revolution of Dignity, a means of fighting for our rights, and not the town gatherings of the homeless, as it tried to expose Kremlin propaganda.


Author told that if he appears now in his native Sevastopol, which is located in the occupied Crimea, he will be forced to change citizenship and will be taken to “Russian equivalent of the National Guard”.


According to Alexei Gordeev, Russian propaganda differs from Ukrainian, that Ukrainian media distort reality, fib, and Russian creates an alternate reality, filling all cognitive channels. Thus, there is a simulacrum, which can be broken only if personally demonstrate people from Maidan and Ukraine.


Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate itself sawing off the branch on which it sits. It has not learned the lesson. Sometimes a middle path is a path of destruction. There are times when the situation is really divided into black and white. It must be admitted that the “LPR” and “DPR” – this is the territory of Satan, where he reigns as he wants. And Ukraine is trying to resist. If it continues that UOC-MP will deny the facts of repression there against the Protestants, the UGCC and the UOC-KP, they completely lose confidence of the faithful and people will begin to move into other communities.