Odesa activists together with MPs will fight transport corruption


Odesa, March 31, 2015 – Viktor Berestenko, head of the Trade Union of Freight Forwarders of Odesa region said at a briefing on joint work of social activists, fighting against corruption in the transport and representatives of inter-faction deputy association “Deputy control”.


According to Viktor Berestenko, when there was a parliamentary group, the participants started to “inventory” all those, who are fighting against corruption in the customs field. They are connected with the Trade Union and forwarders of Odesa region. First, residents of Odesa went to Kyiv, the central office of “Deputy control”. There are social activists, reported cases of corruption in the customs and border crossing points. Then there were a few queries. Then there were two meetings on 20 and 26 of March with representatives of business in Odesa. During their conduct were announced many facts, that not only with customs related to corruption, but services such as ecology and pest control. Were also noted positive changes in relation to the customs office.


Nevertheless, so far no systemic changes have occurred. Fighting with inspectors staff will only lead to turnover. It is necessary to remove the cause of manifestation of corruption, but not eliminate their consequences. The substitution of the product mix and reducing the customs value have been named main ways of corruption. Customs deliberately overstates the value of goods, there does not issue the goods by available documents.


Viktor Berestenko noted that by such a point visit and a point information, we cannot fight corruption. The deputies gathered information about corruption on the part of inspectors and managers about systemic disorders. But during the forum impression that MPs aim – to remove the Director of Customs. In this case, the evidence of his illegal activities was not provided, although “makes the picture” that he was a scoundrel.


Nevertheless, it is good, that deputies arrived. And this should be done regularly. Especially because they have the ability to convey information directly to senior management of the country.


SSU, the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office – the participants of corruption schemes. Some of their staff certainly gets his share. Information about this, too, was conveyed to members of deputy association.


How effective is their work to be seen. Or do they really want to fight corruption, or under the guise of combating it, they want to place in key positions their men.


The problem is also in the letters of the law enforcement agencies, which often occurs in the phrase “to carry out additional checks in connection with possible violations of the law” that only creates new reasons for corruption, this time on the part of the body, guided such a letter. In this case, all costs of verification shall be borne by those, who make such statements. There are inconsistencies scoring issues and real facts of corruption. For example, members raised the problem of substitution of goods and at the same time criticize the Director of Customs, who opposed it.


Representatives of the Odesa community struggling with the manifestations of corruption in transport, welcomes the opening of deputy association representative offices in Odesa, that there is a feedback. But without changing the system, will not achieve the key change. In addition, these actions should not lead to a simple change of leaders, and replace them with more loyal to the representatives of deputy association.


Customs, according to Viktor Berestenko does not require any complicated reforms. All you need – is to observe laws. In Georgia, the whole customs system was changed in just half an hour.


March 27 the public was not allowed to view the concept of “Customs XXI century”. This was done by representatives of pro-presidential faction in parliament. They are now using the same methods, that were used before by regionals.


The current head of customs in Odesa, Perederiy, is one of the most effective people in this post. This is confirmed by objective factors, such as the time of registration of the container. The problem is that we have a customs revenues account for a significant portion of revenue. Therefore, customs officers think about how to fill the budget, not the best way to do the work as customs officers. In this situation, we must not change people, but the tax system in the state.