Odessa archive urgently needs a new building – there is no place to store documents




Lilia Belousova, Vladimir Levchuk, Lydia Kovalchuk


Odessa, January 15, 2015 – Representatives of the State Archive of Odessa region told at a briefing about the problems of their organization and its significance.


Vladimir Levchuk, director of the State Archive of Odessa region said that the main problem of the archive now – a new building, which there is no, but there is an urgent need in it.


Now the archive is located in 2 buildings: in the streets Pirogovskaya and Zhukov. The building in Zhukovsky St. is in disrepair and not adapted for the archive, although it is there since 1932. Together, the two buildings can accommodate up to 1 million 900 000 documents. But now funds of the archive contains more than 2 million 100 000 documents. Therefore, an alternative to building in Zhukovsky St. is needed right now, because every year funds of the archive is filled with at least 10 thousand new documents.


Search for new premises was conducted for about 10 years and ended in nothing. Only now have the opportunity to allocate the archive in the part of the premises in “Black Sea” publishing house with area of 4 thousand square meters. Will it happen or not depends on the deputies of the Odessa Regional Council, which should consider transferring the part of the building to the archive on one of their sessions.


At the same time Vladimir Levchuk noted the social importance of the archive. After all, it helps people to establish family ties, confirm seniority.


Now the archive has more than one thousand researchers, 150 of whom are foreigners. And from its content can be studied the history of Europe, because it contains documents on aid to Greece in its struggle with Turkey, moving to Odessa region Italian, German and Bulgarian colonists.


This year, the archive will celebrate the 95th anniversary of its founding in 1920 year.


Lilia Belousova, deputy director of the State Archive of Odessa region, said that the building in the Zhukovsky St., which houses the archive, is in disrepair since 1988. But archivists, despite it, always worked. Archive tries to find internal resources to facilitate access for citizens and researchers to facilitate the search of documents in it.


So, 5 years ago it began to digitize materials of the archive. Now is digitized inventory of pre-revolutionary period and part of the inventories of the Soviet years. View materials can now directly from home, on the website of the organization.


Lilia Belousova said that the digitization of documents will be continued in future. To process was faster is planning to use volunteers. In the meantime to digitize the archive help students of 5 Odessa Universities, where there is archival practice. Also working to create archive guides to facilitate the search of documents in it.


From March to September, the archive will be working under the auspices of the anniversary date. Part of the celebration will be a variety of joint projects with museums of the regions (literature, Jewish, historical, local history).


Lydia Kovalchuk, Chairman of the Public Council under the State Archive, said that the archive is open to researchers, despite the difficult conditions, in which the archive is. Its social function is extremely important, but it has also scientific value. Without archives, we will not know our past. You cannot live without communication of times. Therefore, the archive is a super-value, the true reality that fascinates.


Odessa community activists organized themselves and created a public council at the State Archives, the only one in the country.


About public council there are two main tasks. The first – to assist in the digitization of materials of the archive; second – control activities from the public side.


Also, with the assistance of the public council in the archive was launched a new fund – the national archives, where everyone Odessa resident can bring personal documents. To hand over documents in the national archive, must handle during business hours at the address Pirogovskaya, 29.