Odessa citizens are invited to Charity Fair at Duke


Anastasia Bazei and Alexander Kardasheva, volunteers, told at a briefing about Sunday Charity Fair near Duke to help soldiers of ATO.

The fair is held every Sunday in Odessa on the Primorsky boulevard near the monument to the Duke de Richelieu (Duke).

Volunteers started the initiative last month. The first events were held together with the Right Sector, but now volunteers decided to continue their own, relying on the indifferent citizens of Odessa.

The purpose of extending charity fairs – a fundraiser to help the men in the area of ATO and wounded in Odessa hospital. Now all revenues spent on warm clothes and shoes for men. It happens that after the fair remain unsold products: pies, cakes, sandwiches. The volunteers convey it to the wounded in the military hospital.

According to the girls, in the hospital, for unknown reasons, there are branches, caressed by the attention of volunteers, and there are those which rarely get any help. Exactly there volunteers are trying to pass delicious food.

Now for the hospital volunteers are collecting Christmas decorations. After all, many of the wounded have to celebrate the New Year there.

During fairs not only sell food, hand-made, but also conduct master classes. This weekend will be added charity exhibition and sale of paintings. There is also the table on which you can write letters to soldiers, who defend our country in the East.

Soldiers also asked to buy for them the empty gas cylinders, in order to make them stoves. Part of the proceeds will be sent for that.

To Duke you cannot just come in and buy something represented at the fair, but also bring warm clothes, which will then be sent to the ATO.

Volunteers are collecting also through social networks. Fair turns not only in the help to specific fighters, but also in a small holiday near Duke.