Odessa citizens require to punish participants of Euromaidan crackdown


Vitaly Ustimenko, social activist and member of the Self-Defense of Odessa, said at a briefing on the all-Ukrainian action “Unpunished evil grows”, which will be held in memory of the beginning of the Dignity Revolution on November 30.
His speech activist began with the story, from which it becomes clear essence of the action and why is it happening now. November 21 marked the anniversary of the beginning of the Dignity Revolution. November 25 dispersed Odessa Euromaidan. On the same day crackdown took place in Kharkiv, Chernihiv and other cities. It was a preparation for overclocking Euromaidan in Kiev. This crackdown was on 30 November.
On December 30, in the country began a campaign “Unpunished evil grows”. Its essence was to ensure accountability for all those responsible for the violent dispersal of peaceful demonstrations. This includes implementing the Police and the judges who handed down the illegal decisions and prosecutors who cover these actions. The campaign became the all-Ukrainian.
At present, the action is still relevant. Now even more than before. After all, no one is punished for overclocking Euromaidan in Odessa. For the pursuit, the pressure on the activists of Euromaidan. “A few people retired – it is not a punishment!” – outraged Vitaly Ustimenko.
Community activists will demand that the Police, judges, Titushky and all those involved in violence against the protesters should be punished in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.
Why then, one year later, activists are forced to demand punishment of those responsible by methods of street democracy?
Vitaly Ustimenko explained that the last six months in Odessa representatives of the two financial and political groups have made it clear to each other that they meet each other. Odessa Mayor Gennady Truhanov, first began to flirt with the public, to show himself as a democrat and patriot, now behaves differently. He is confident, thanks to informal arrangements, that he is safe from any trouble. And now feels absolute confidence that can protect his business interests.
People are increasingly addressing to Self-Defense to help in solving certain problems. This shows lack of confidence in the system of the judicial system. Collusion has generated confidence among representatives of the two financial and political groups that they can do whatever they want and for it will be nothing.
Health Track is very revealing. Started work there without public hearings and public figures when asked to comply with the law, the city authorities immediately showed strength.
Brewing the conflict between Odessa authorities and the public. Activists, in this regard, will be distracted with separatists and Novorossia. The example is the projection of the flag of Novorossia on the walls of State Administration. Social activists are imposed artificial, fictitious Novorossia to distract from participation in urban issues.
The activists were once again in a situation when forced to demand action from the authorities.
Therefore, our efforts will intensify the public to punish evil.
November 30 at 12-00 near the monument to Duke will be held the meeting of Euromaidan activists. Self-Defense of Odessa is not only a protective structure; it can generate their meanings and lead a social movement in Odessa.
Therefore, social activists are calling Odessites consolidate the gains of the revolution and do everything they can, so that victims who suffered for Ukraine, were not in vain.
The format of the action depends on what the public wants. Likely to be disclosed and made public the names of all those who participated in the persecution of Euromaidan. From government activists will demand an investigation of the involvement of all those persons in illegal activities.
Now syndrome of impunity is at the highest point, when not to react to it is no longer possible. Of course, we should have been squeezed before, but now reached the limit of patience.
Already have a list of those who should have been suspended from duty or imprisoned. He will be presented Nov. 30 at the time of the meeting at the monument to Duke.