Odessa citizens will hold an action against terrorism “I am Volnovakha” and commemorate the victims

Alexandra Dembskaya

Alexandra Demskaya, social activist, said at a briefing about the campaign, “I am Volnovakha”, whose purpose – a protest against the terror against innocent unarmed civilians.


On Sunday, January 18 at 14-00 on Cathedral Square in Odessa will host «Je suis Volnovakha» («I am Volnovakha”).


January 13 terrorists in Donbas, at a checkpoint near Volnovakha again killed innocent people. It is currently known about 13 dead. The action is named so by analogy with the French «Je suis Charlie» («I am Charlie”). There are also 12 people were killed by terrorists. And millions of Frenchmen came out with the motto to the streets to defend their values, especially the freedom of speech, and to show that they are not intimidated by terrorists.


The purpose of Odessa action – to show that we are against terrorism, assassinations and intimidation, are not afraid and remember the victims of violence. We want to show that we remember about each of the victims. For almost a year we live in a state of terror.


And we remember all the victims: Nigoyan, Crimea, Illovaysk and “Boeing”. Therefore invite all to come to the action as possible with flowers, candles, oil lamps and posters. Slogans can be different: “I am Volnovakha”, “I am Stanitsa Luganskaya”, “I am “Boeing”, “I remember Sergei Nigoyan” and others.


Action we want to remind people of what happened, that we will never get used to death, and will do everything to prevent such things in the future.


The organizers invite all who want to express sympathy and solidarity with all world community against terrorism.