Odessa courts are not technically capable of conducting the trial of May 2


Odessa, December 1, 2014

Sergey Dibrov, expert from group to investigate the events of May 2, said at a briefing that the first court hearing in the case took place last week. Named 114 suspects, and it casts doubt on the fact in further possibilities of the process due to technical difficulties.

At the first meeting the victims were not present at all. They were not notified, was not interrogated. This calls into question the legitimacy of the court. On the other hand, if all the victims come to court, it will be forced to suspend consideration of the case for technical reasons – there will not be enough place. But according to the law there should be more lawyers, advocates, family members.

Errors accumulated during pre-trial investigation, multiplied. Output, however there – you can organize meetings outside the court. Such a precedent has already been. In 2002, the campaign “Ukraine without Kuchma”. Was arrested and sent to court 19 defendants. Court room could not accommodate all comers and those who are obliged to attend. Without such a decision of the criminal case on the riots on May 2 in the courtroom, will turn into a farce, and, in the future, can be easily undone. The Court cannot give a fair assessment, and then the case can reach up to lynching.