Odessa Film Studio is still under threat


Odessa, December 8, 2014

Dmitri Kulikovskii, a member of the movement “Save the Odessa Film Studio”, a former employee of the studio, said at a briefing about the threat to the studio and reprisals against the initiative group for the protection of the studio.

At the end of 2005, the studio became UAB. 31 million UAH invested private shareholder in cash, the same amount invested state in the form of property and other tangible assets. Controlling stake remained with the state. The difference in favor of the state is 1 share, worth 1 UAH.

About 2 years ago at the studio appeared Andrei Zverev, first as Chief Financial Officer, later became chairman of the board. In fact, he was appointed through a fictitious competition by Yuri Nikitin, deputy chairman of the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

Private investor of the studio through affiliated companies is an oligarch, ex-governor of the Donetsk region Sergey Taruta. Andrei Zverev – his former subordinate, senior manager of the enterprise for the production of steel structures. Whose will it performs, and whose interests in this case protects the private investor or the state, it is clear without any issues.

In Odessa Film Studio of the state’s share of the property include two hostels. The guide the studio has come up with a way to get one of the hostels from the state part of the authorized capital of JSC and pass it to the communal property of the city. Thus, the size of the state share in the authorized capital of JSC would significantly decreased, which would allow a private investor to obtain a majority stake in the studio and take full control.

For this to work in the studio were taken people, who do not have any relation to the cinema, to the position of watchmen, messengers, guards, and there were immediately given places in a hostel “Ekran”.

At the same time, according to Dmitry Kulikovskii they did not go to work. These people continued to occupy the premises, making expensive repairs. Then dismissed, but refused to move out. Allegedly, not to develop a scandal and protect these tenants, the management and the studio decided to pass a hostel “Ekran” to the city.

The scandal began to flare up because of these “dead souls”. So, foreman training filming Irina Galich refused to note those who do not go to work, and when Andrew Zverev began to put pressure on it, she shared this information with the public. Scheme of the studio transition to private ownership surfaced, 5 employees opposed, insisting that the studio should remain in state ownership, and must live in the hostel staff of the studio.

Three out of five activists were dismissed by studio executives or forced to resign. In addition, some of them then evicted from the hostel, were charged with theft of property studios, were threatened with criminal prosecution.

Activists were supported by the Odessa branch of the Ukrainian National Union of Cinematographers. It is located in a building on the territory of the studio. After that, members of the public organization had problems: the light suddenly disappear, their visitors have not been passed by the studio watch.

The only hope now to save the studio – not to give the private investor to take her under his control, and management of the state part to entrust the Ministry of Culture, not the State Property Fund. Because Yuri Nikitin, said the activist, is in cahoots with Sergei Taruta.

While activists of the group “Save the Odessa Film Studio” plan to send letters to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the Ministry of Culture and the Verkhovna Rada.