Odessa inhabitants themselves lose a third of produced heat

Sergey Leyvikov
Odessa, December 4, 2014

Sergey Leyvikov, director of CE “Odessa Regional Energy Saving Company” spoke at a briefing on the topic how to make so, that in winter not to heat the street.

Now the topic of energy efficiency has become more relevant than ever. At the height is the heating season, running at full capacity boilers that heat the houses. Positive role played posts in early to mid-autumn that will not be enough of gas, and people took measures to increase energy efficiency of boilers and their homes.

According to the statements of Naftogaz, in the same period last year, gas consumption was 20 percent more than it is now. The next step – when at maximum efficiency, we will use our existing resources.

If we trace the chain of heat that comes from the boiler, which burns gas to homes of consumers, we see three stages – heat generation, delivery and distribution within the house. 30-40 percent of energy in houses disappears through bad windows, walls, roofs. At the second location is the loss through transportation.

If the building is not insulated, it is necessary to insulate the walls, change the windows, to reconstruct the roof and heating system. In one year, make it impossible. Just as we cannot expect that all work will be done by the authority. Almost all houses now – the property of their inhabitants and the reconstruction must lie on their shoulders.

Effective example is the creation of the condominium when the house is the owners who choose direction of condominiums and house manager. This makes it possible to accumulate funds and draw up a plan to increase energy efficiency, which is then incrementally introduce. It is likely that condominium appear in each apartment building.

Neither the city nor the state budget will ever have enough money for the reconstruction of Khrushchev houses. Only the self-organization and association of citizens can do it.

Large boiler systems obsolete itself. In new constructions are making roof boiler, or individual heating in each apartment. Also created block boilers to reduce losses during transportation from the central CHP.

In general, the third of total heat now is losing. This occurs primarily in badly insulated apartments of Odessa citizens, through the front door and windows in the stairwells. Because of the new building heating system blocks much changed. Nearby can be house with central heating, and with autonomous roof boiler, and with individual heating of each apartment.

Central heating is effectively, if a large number of houses connected to it, located compactly. If not, the objects are scattered, these houses should be translated into the heating system, so as not to lose heat during transportation. A similar situation exists in the street Primorskaya, where highways are powerful enough, but lead heat to just 5-6 customers.

In those places where it makes sense to continue the creation of a central heating – it should be done, where it is ineffective – translate homes on individual systems.