In Odessa Medical University was developed a new doctrine to assist the wounded

Valery Zaporozhan


Valery Zaporozhan, Rector of Odessa Medical University, academician, said at a briefing about the training of military doctors on the basis of university clinics.


The situation in military hospitals Odessa Medical University employees know firsthand. Now doctors are taking all measures to bring the help for the wounded to advanced level.


In a hybrid war military and medical doctrine available to us no longer works. The previous government abolished all military medical departments in universities. Previously, students studied medicine at military training camps, and then received a military rank in the case of mobilization were called as the military doctors. Now, with the closure of departments, our graduates will be recruited into the Army as simple soldiers. But Odessa Medical University has retained ties with the Army because of its location in the military hospital, which cooperates with several departments of the university. Therefore, university doctors treat wounded soldiers with the military.


In the last war was the main range of injuries – bullet. Now is dominated shrapnel. Changed and logistics operations. Now there is no clear front and rear. All changes dynamically. As a result, suffer and physicians, and the locals. It is necessary to change the tactics of providing medical care.


The big problem is that many men die of shock, pain and blood loss. Half of the deaths at the front are happening now for these reasons. It is necessary to train fighters self-help and mutual aid, which had not previously been done.


Now at the University identified how we must change tactics and logistics of providing medical care. Opened training of military doctors, have prepared a new textbook on military surgery. The University appealed to the Ministry of Defense to return the military department.


Medics, going now to the area of ATO should be also instructors to teach men how to save himself and his comrades from a painful shock and blood loss. Specially created weekly cycle training for doctors where they are trained to be instructors. Another feature of the care for the wounded – now after the initial evacuation there is an opportunity to provide specialized care.


Among the problems Valery Zaporozhan said about poor coordination between military and civilian physicians. So, in Zaporozhye hardly persuaded to move a field hospital in a nearby hospital. Need focal point for coordination of efforts of military and civilian medical volunteers.


When the war began, we started action on approximation to European standards of medical science. We talk a lot, but do not do anything in order to get closer to the world of medical science. Now extrapolate Medical University European to medical standards for health care in our country, and thus the reaction to them is not always clear.


Throughout the world, there are some medical clinics. The most highly qualified workforce, innovation and modern medical equipment collected at university hospitals. Students are taught to the most modern medicine.


Now they are practiced in hospitals, where all led by the chief doctors, not teachers and university professors. And the chief physicians have other tasks, for training they often do not have time.


Last year, the University got back the University Hospital. Now there are about 1,000 beds.


Over the past 50 years, medicine has gone far ahead. Now, some clinics are not enough for the training of qualified doctors. Set a new standard when there were robots, fully simulate different medical problems. To them, students can train without fear harm to the patient. This center has appeared in Odessa Medical University. Such robots are used also for training military medics.


Now it is very important psychological preparation of fighters, so that in an emergency they can act quickly and correctly, helping themselves or their friends. The main thing is not to get lost, do not delay and to inject anti-shock drug.


Wins the people, not the military. First they let us down, and then, seeing the dedication of Ukrainians, including in defense of Ukraine.


If a country has trouble, everyone should give their money to deal with it. There are people, who do not eat up, giving the latter to volunteers. At the same time there is the rich, who manage to earn on war. There should not appear new billionaires, all means, that there is in the country should be aimed at achieving victory.