Odessa off-roaders save people in the snow and repair military equipment

Roman Gorbachenko


Odessa, February 4, 2015 – Roman Gorbachenko, coordinator of the club “4×4″, the master of sports of Ukraine in motorsport, Ukrainian champion trophy-raid, said at a briefing on the club’s social initiatives and the situation of motorsport in the Odessa region.


In Odessa, there are a large number of riders, athletes and just off-road equipment owners, who are willing to help people in difficult situations.


During a snowfall in 2009 members of the club “4×4″ were actively wanted by the police to encourage them to help drivers. In the last days of 2014 traffic cops were outstripped by social networks. Owners of jeeps got together and coordinated their activities with the help of Facebook.


From social networks club members found out where and who needs help and visited the site previously to determine what car is needed to solve a specific problem.


December 29, 2014 the problem was no longer in the snow, but in the irresponsible citizens. People who know about the upcoming snow, without hesitation, went to the city with the summer tires on cars, with low clearance.

It is good that the club members used to work a lot during the tours. They are almost without interruption from 29 to December 31, drove through the city helping people. A very great help was for to the ambulance. Those were unable to travel due to traffic jams. Although not every car can take the bed patient. Therefore, in such cases the members of the club have special cars in reserve.


Roman Gorbachenko noted that at this time, if were offered gratitude, SUV drivers did not refuse, because the fuel is very expensive now.


When created “4×4″, emphasis was placed on the far extreme raids, such as in the Russian Arctic. Later, the club began to develop as a motorsport. Since 2009, its members have officially become auto-sportsmen, with sports titles.


Son of Yanukovych, when his father was a president, became interested in motorsports, and then poured into this area a lot of money. There were large-scale events, mass events, spectators and trips abroad. With Yanukovych flight in motorsport reigned peace and quiet. The leaders of the Odessa branch of the Federation of Motorsport lost interest in the work, no competition is carried out, Odessa has lost even its “Cup of estuaries”, which moved to Mykolaiv.


Now motorsport fans gather for themselves, do not compete for awards and titles.


Do not forget the club members about other people. Collect things for the poor, they brought help and gifts to orphanages. Repair armored personnel carriers for the Ukrainian Army. Themselves, they do not call volunteers, preferring a more modest “social assistants”.


In the near future the club “4×4″ is going to hold a series of trophy-raids of 5 stages under the auspices of Sport Tourism of Ukraine. All-Ukrainian series there are no. There were 2 stages in the East. Now there is war. 3 were in Kiev, but the organizer lost interest for it. So now are held local series – Kharkiv Cup, Cup of Odessa region. Emphasis will be placed on the fact that it was interesting to spectators, to attract more people, who could see the competition.


Previously, according to Roman Gorbachenko, in the club were tours to Russia, in the Arctic, and now fans of Odessa SUVs do not even want to think about it because of how Russia behaved. Although earlier been incidents, where there were a lot of people have argued that Odessa is Russian city. We had to persuade them gently.


Next Wednesday at the “Petrovich” club, in the Polish street, corner Bunin, we will hold themed evening and a photo exhibition about the transition in Central Asia, for an hour. This tradition we want to maintain and make such meetings weekly.