Odessa students will help wounded soldier from ATO to restore vision


Aleksandr Dyachenko, Vice President for Academic and educational work of the Odessa State Academy of technical regulation and quality, said about charity marathon for peace and united Ukraine, which will be held by students in favor of the injured in the area of ATO.
This year we are in a situation where as never increased the role of patriotic education of youth. Every day we see our soldiers, wounded, died for our homeland, Ukraine. And the academy students came with an initiative to support our military.
Support action will take place in the framework of “Chain of peace”. November 17 in Ukraine is celebrated Student’s Day. Usually on this day are held various recreational activities. But this year, the students themselves have decided to replace them with patriotic.
November 13 at 9 a.m. in Kuznechnaya, 15, will start a charity fair, where students will be selling things made by hands, will show the ability of barbers, artists, photographers. All the money will go to the treatment of the wounded in the hospitals of Odessa.
Then, at 12 a.m. in front of the Academy will be held a flash mob, and the concert will begin at 14:00 in the auditorium of the Academy. It will also raise funds for the treatment of the wounded soldier, curing in a military hospital.
Aleksandr Dyachenko said that the initiative group of 20 students came to him and asked to help with organization of events to help the wounded Ukrainian military. He asked for help the volunteers, to know what first aid is needed now. It turned out that in Odessa, in the hospital, treated paratrooper of 79th airmobile brigade Pogudin Igor, who lost his vision. There will be screening in Poland, after which will be prescribed necessary treatment to restore vision.
Students have decided to transfer the collected money for the treatment of this hero. So they want to show to our guys, who defend Ukraine in the East that they are not alone, people remember about them and are willing to help those who do right thing for the Protection of Ukraine.
November 17 students will go to the hospital and will give the money to the wounded soldier. They wanted to organize performance there, but fortunately it turned out that there is already on that day, another group of artists. Odessa artists remember about the wounded and perform in the hospital almost every day.