Odessa volunteers are invited to participate in the contest “Charitable Ukraine”

blagotvorutelna ukraina

Alexander Dobroer, Alexander Maksymchuk, Father Vasiliy Kolodchin

Odessa, December 10, 2014

Briefing on”Start of Odessastageof the national contest “CharitableUkraine”.

Speakers: Alexander Maksymchuk, chairman of the organizing committee of the National Competition “Charitable Ukraine”, the Ukrainian Association of Philanthropists, Father Vasiliy Kolodchin, chairman of the organizing committee of the Odessa National stage of the competition “Charity Odessa region – 2014″, the director of CF “Caritas Odessa UGCC”, Alexander Dobroer, a member of the organizing committee, the European Institute of Social Communications.
Father Vasily Kolodchin said that now in philanthropy come first concepts such as transparency and accountability. To better evaluate the activities of charities, contests need, to understand how the organization is needed, as far as it trusted by people.

Alexander Maksymchuk said that he was glad to open the Odessa stage of the competition. Charity this year very loudly declares itself. The competition is held for the third year in a row. Last year the competition was held in three regions, this year – in six. The logic of such a competition – during the calendar year are accepted projects, stories of donors and recipients, then until 15 February solicited. Then regions exchanged works. In mid-March, held a national award of winners.

Winners receive figures “Angels of good”. No other awards. There are 10 nominations. This year added another 4 extra. The winners will share their practices, as they have been successful. So, thanks to the competition, volunteers can learn from the winners and share it.

Alexander Dobroer urge social workers of the Odessa region to take part in the competition. To do this, apply by calling 066 151 10 51, Alexander Rodionov. Benefits of participation in the competition for public organizations as follows:

– Ability to share their experiences. This is extremely important. If you know that someone works well – tell us about the organization, apply for it.

– Ability to find colleagues and partners. You can participate in seminars and trainings, to join the international experience of charity.

The contest will be run by a competent jury, and its organizers are calling philanthropists do not think they are worthy or not, and provide it to the jury. In Odessa, the acceptance of applications will end January 31, 2015.

Participate in the competition can not only organizations, but also individuals. Engaged in charity the common people, and the representatives of large, medium and small businesses. An important goal of the contest is to show how different people share and help others.

Father Vasily Kolodchin urged benefactors and volunteers to show and tell about good deeds in Odessa and the region, to “Angels of good” settled in new homes.

Alexander Dobroer spoke about the importance of interaction with the media. Often the media perceive commercial benefits from charitable organizations, and this creates difficulties. We must learn to relate charity and commerce.

Last year, collected applications are 2 times more than in the first year. This year, applications must be greater because in 2014 there was a surge of charity.

Alexander Maksymchuk said that volunteering – a disinterested aid or giving of time. It refers not only to the Army. Volunteering exists throughout the world, and a mass, it is in Ukraine. 90% volunteering is a charity. It is important that the concepts were identified and obtained legal support of the state. This will allow translating the momentum that appeared this year, on a permanent basis.