Odessa wants to beat Lviv in scale of Christmas celebration

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Odessa,December 24, 2014- Roman Medyanik and Denis Serdichenko, representatives of the fund “Good Samaritan” told at a briefing about the grand plans for the celebration of Christmas in Odessa.
Charitable Foundation “The Good Samaritan” in the last few years held in Odessa a charity Christmas fair and action “Collect a gift for orphan”. This time, the action for orphans went beyond Odessa, and also carried out in other cities of Ukraine. And to the Christmas Fair added more than a dozen festive exhibitions, concerts, plays, performances.

Odessa residents and visitors to the city will have:

From 2nd to 8th of January, 2015 in Odessa, a festival of Christmas. During the festival in Odessa will appear Nativity scene with live characters and the Tree of Angels; Santa Clause and Snow Maiden on bikes, as well as funny carol singers, the largest and most delicious meals in the open air, and large-scale Bethlehem town with centurions, shepherds, wise men and a huge spruce; and each kid will receive a gift.

All activities in the framework of the Festival of Christmas are completely free for children and adults.

Nativity Scene in Deribasovskaya Street

2-8th of January

Deribasovskaya Street contrary to City Garden

We construct a Nativity Scene with Mary and Joseph, as well as live animals and the Tree of Angels. Every day you can trust your desire to Paper Angel, learn more about the history of the holiday, dress up in costumes of the era and take pictures with Mary and Joseph. Moreover, with the rising of the first star to the nativity scene will follow the procession of the Magi.

The biggest Christmas table “Odessa-mama lays the table!”

January 2 14:00 – 16:00

Primorsky Boulevard

Poles, Ukrainians, Armenians and Bulgarians prepare traditional dishes on the holiday table, biggest in Odessa. Here, will be set a new record of Ukraine on festive kalach and honey-cake, funny animators arrange dances, and each child will receive a brand cupcake. On the feast will be brought kids with special needs from Odessa region and Odessa.

Bike Ride of Santa Clauses

January 4, 12:00 – 15:00

Pale Royal – Center- Gamow Square – Center – Monument to Duke

Several dozen of Christmas fairy-tale characters will pass on bicycles through the city. At each stop, they will give gifts to children.

Folk Christmas Celebrations

January 4-5

Gamow Square

Traditional Bethlehem neighborhoods with merchants and wise men, shepherds and fishermen, as well as the great Herod, will traditionally appear in the Gamow square. Here we will arrange celebrations, a huge fair of Christmas gifts, will treat children and adults. And kids, who need special care, will hand over gifts. The organizers are preparing a fabulous staging of “The Mystery of the Christmas Star”.

Action “Collect a gift for orphan” was launched in November. Last year gifts received more than 4,000 children.

Festival of Christmas Carols

January 7, 14:00 – 16:00

Deribasovskaya Street contrary to City Garden

More than a dozen original bands will perform traditional folk carols. They gather at the nativity scene in the authentic costumes and learn to sing the winter songs children and adults.

December 27, 3rd, 9th, 17th of January in Pasteur street, 62 will be held Christmas organ concerts. Beginning at 18-30.

Festival of Christmas (Christmas Fair Folk) – the largest costume outdoor festival in Ukraine. According to media reports, it is in the top 5 largest festivals of our country. In 2014, the festival was attended by 37 thousand people.

On the 15 thousand sq. meters each year build a fabulous city with more than 100 characters in historical costumes and live animals. Children and their parents are treated with free sweets, hot drinks and traditional Ukrainian dishes.

Organizers bring to the Fair hourly 300-500 children from the most distant corners of the Odessa region. The total number of children invited with the right to receive a gift depends on the number of gifts collected by Odessa residents, and is from 2 000 to 10 000 children.

This year has already collected 1,100 gifts within the action “Collect a gift for orphan”, and people from Odessa continue to bring new.

The organizers of the Christmas festivities want to show that Christmas is able to celebrate not only in Lviv, but also in Odessa. And perhaps, even more than there.

Roman Medyanik and Denis Serdichenko congratulated Odessa with the New Year and wished for all good and mercy from God and that coming 2015 will bring blessing to Ukraine.