Parties lead corrupters to the Parliament and hide the sources of income


filimonovOdessa, 24 October 2014

Kirill Filimonov, regional representative of the public movement “Honestly,” said at a briefing on the results of the analysis of candidates, which activists of ​​”Honestly” made.

Movement “Honestly” appeared in 2011, before the parliamentary elections, which were held in that year. Goal of the movement was to make the choices more transparent and open to voters so they can consciously make the choice.
It was formed on 6 criteria for candidates and political parties, on the basis of which the analysis is done on how they are truthful and open to the public and the voters.

1. Lack of violations of human rights and freedoms;
2. Immutability of political position;
3.Innocence to corrupt practices;
4.Transparency of declared income and assets, their compliance with lifestyle;
5.Personal vote in parliament;
6.Participation in the parliament sessions and committees.

Each candidate has been tested for compliance with these criteria, based on the information that was provided, the conclusions are made about the integrity of the candidates and distributed to voters and distributed among the citizens.

With the onset of new, extraordinary elections of 2014, the union begins the company “Honest Parliament”.
Offered to publish the biographies of all candidates, their declaration of income for the last year, the sources of collateral (who provided funds – Fund party, the sponsor, the voters).

Also, the union of “Honestly” ask the political forces and majority candidates about the origin of funds spent on political advertising: the outer and in the media. Public figures expected for the 5 days before the end of the election campaign to get an interim financial report on the sources of financing the election campaign.

Another important criterion on the basis of which dealt with lists of political forces – the presence of the current parliament deputies who voted for the package “dictatorial” laws January 16, 2014 According to the “Honestly”, these people have no moral right to be politicians, and even more so, to claim a place in the new parliament.

Analysis of the lists of candidates showed that they have 134 people out of those who voted on January 16 for the laws that violate the rights of Ukrainians. With these people, “Honestly” is not even in contact, not asked to provide a biography and reports.
With the rest was held the negotiation. Social activists have tried to explain to individual candidates and political associations that all their questions have only one goal – to allow the voters to vote consciously.

But of 29 political associations and parties participating in the elections at least partial information provided only 12.It mainly concerned autobiographies of candidates from their lists, and financial disclosure statements. The sources of funds of which was paid a deposit, named only 5 (Bloc Poroshenko, “Batkivschyna”, “Samopomіch”, “Gromadyanska pozitsіya”, “Syla lyudey”). Sources of funding an advertising campaign were even less – only 4 political associations (the same, but without the Bloc Poroshenko).

Characterized by the fact that some political forces, which, according to opinion of polls, held in Parliament, refused to give even a biography of their candidates. In particular, this applies to the Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko.
As a result, this leads to the fact that voters are deprived of the opportunity to make an informed choice.

Another aspect to what association “Honestly” conducted an analysis of candidates for deputies to the Verkhovna Rada – their involvement in corruption. The criterion here served as references to their names in the anti-corruption investigations, which were held by several authoritative media: “Ukrainska Pravda”, “Groshi”, and «Sledstvie. Info”.

Total of candidates for the deputies turned 127 defendants in corruption scandals. Most of them in the ranks of the “Opposition bloc” – 16, followed by the presidential bloc – 13, and in third place “Narodnyi Front” with 13 corrupters.

The problem for the team of “Honestly” was the inability to communicate with the election headquarters of many self-nominated candidates. Their home contacts proved impossible to find. As a result, make an informed choice for voters will be very difficult, because they will not have a biography, returns and other documents of the candidates of their district.

But it is known which of Odessa candidates for deputies voted for “dictatorial” laws on February 16. These are Sergey Kivalov, Leonid Klimov, Ivan Fursin, Anton Dorohov, Vitaliy Barvinenko, and Anton Cisse.

Among the defendants in the anti-corruption scandals are Odessites Yuri Presnov, Vadim Chorny, Sergei Kivalov, Ivan Fursin, David Zhvania, Vladimir Bodelan, and Ivan Plachkov.

Team “Honestly,” among other things, wanted to show how the parties are ready to nominate candidates, not stained themselves, and whether they are ready to provide maximum information about themselves.

The results were not too optimistic. The association concluded that the political culture of a society far is quite low and to talk about honesty and transparency of the elections is early. Policies do not provide fair and transparent information, and voters do not require it. Parties are not in a hurry to be open, to such a way to fight for the vote.

There are only a few exceptions. But the parties are ready to include in the list the persons involved in corruption. So, there is a danger that the new parliament will be a source of various abuses.

“Honestly” encourages all to make your choice carefully, deliberately and wants Ukrainians to choose a decent Verkhovna Rada. More information can be found at