Pastor Andrey Hamburg: “A person is much broader than his political opinion”


Andrey Hamburg, pastor of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ukraine, the head of the Ukrainian group “Reconciliation”, said at a briefing on the ecclesiastical efforts towards reconciliation in Odessa.
The theme of reconciliation is very difficult. In light of the events of May 2 this overworks. With something like that the city had not experienced. Hard to tell people warring among themselves, that they have to be reconciled. You cannot just tell them to do it. No reconciliation in this case will happen. They can be reconciled only if you first do it within yourself. Before calling someone to the peace, calling must come out of you, to understand how much he is willing to accept it.
And when the representatives of all parties individually feel within them the opportunity of reconciliation, then only it will take place.
The reconciliation process for churches is too complicated. We did ecumenical prayer, but to talk about their effectiveness, we, unfortunately, cannot. Before that everyone should look inside, answer the questions, what gives me grief that touched me. Face this really, not go away from problems. When a person realizes what hurt him personally, he would be able to understand what hurt others. This is the key to reconciliation.
And people should not forget that they are much more than their political opinions. Those who survived the May 2 must be reconciled even on the graves of their dead relatives.
The reconciliation process is complicated by the fact that we do not know the truth until the end. But this brings us to one plane – both do not know it. Many people die with it, not knowing the truth.
However, time plays in favor of reconciliation, it erases the acuteness of feelings, pain, and it’s for the best, besides there is reconciliation through repentance, confession of guilt.
In spite of all these, Odessa is very tolerant city, where nationalities complement each other, and in that is the value of Odessa. There are many other cities, where he served, and there was much worse atmosphere.