“Pirate”, a volunteer from the area of ATO: I am fighting there for they will not be here



The fighter of Volunteer Ukrainian Corps “Pirate” said at a briefing on the indifference of the authorities to the volunteers and moods of ATO fighters.

Firstly “Pirate” thanked the volunteers for the donated car. Authorities pretend that VUC simply does not exist. The question of legalization of subdivision hovered in the government, any material support unit does not receive, despite the fact that the guys are fighting in most hotspots of ATO – near the village Pisky and the Donetsk airport.

They do not give any ammunition, no clothes, no weapons, and no food. All software comes at the expense of the volunteers. Weapons are trophy. According to the “Pirate”, presented car was really needed. Its main purpose is to patrol the neighborhood of the battalion area. You can’t without mobility in the ATO. On the responsiveness depends the lives of comrades.

Volunteer Corps fighters like and that the guys from “Spіlna meta” have not just asked for money on the car, but earned them.
“Pirate” said that Pisky is a strategically important point and they cannot leave it, or without the support and supply remain defenders of the Donetsk airport. There wasn’t even smell of truce there. By the machinery and manpower Russian terrorists every day are trying to knock out Ukrainian fighters from there.

The fighters that protect Pisky say they do not depart from there, and will stand to till the victory, even if they will be told to move on. Because the main order, according to “Pirate”, gave them the Ukrainian people, and this order is to protect Ukraine.
Not once fighters appealed to the authorities to legalize the battalion, but the government is in no hurry to legalization. But they do not need it, by and large, because the soldiers came to fight for their land. But the legal status – is the way to get equipment and weapons, so the fighters are making it so hard.

More guys want to guarantee that after the war, when they return home, they will not be persecuted. Because now they are fighting, and they are told that they are not there.


“Pirate” is not a military, historian by training; he worked, before the war, manager and instructor in child Cossack camp.
He says he is fighting there for they will not be here. Now, says “Pirate”, it is very nice to go to Odessa, and see that there is peace, people smile. And he wants it to continue to be so.