Police ask to report about suspicious objects and people



Odessa, February 17, 2015 – Alla Marchenko, a spokesman for Research Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region said at a briefing about the explosion in Koblevskaya Street and how to deal with suspicious objects.


February 10 at an apartment building in the Koblevskaya Street was an explosion. On the third floor between the hostel and apartment worked unidentified explosive device. Fortunately, none of the people suffered. But the material damage caused significant. The collected materials and results are transferred to the SSU. A criminal case is opened under part 1 of article 258 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Terrorist act”.


In 2014, Police received 40 reports of false mining and 6 reports of suspicious objects. This year, the picture is quite the opposite – since the beginning of the year was only one report of a false mining, and more than 40 – suspicious objects.


Alla Marchenko also noted that many people from Odessa are afraid to call the Police if they see suspicious items, thinking that they would be accused in the reporting of false mining. But when there is a thing, it’s another case. False mining – that is, information about the explosion and the threat to life, deception, having no reason, while leading to great financial losses of services, which came to call. Suspicious object, on the contrary, the real cause for concern. So for them should definitely inform the Police. In this approach to be close to them, open them, you mustn’t in any case. Moreover, it is desirable to shield a place with such subject or otherwise to inform other people of that they do not come near.


The opening of explosive device is dangerous because firing, if it is set to detonate. Police also asks citizens not to interfere with the investigation and the work of bomb technicians with suspicious items, not to look and not to create a crowd. This interference in the work of the Police is threatened the same onlookers. The first thing is to take away children.