The premiere of film about Maidan in Odessa


Odessa, December 16, 2014 – Representatives of the project # BABYLON’13 Chuprina Alexandra, director, Igor Ivanko, operator, Klyatskin Konstantin, director, told at a briefing in Odessa on the premiere of the documentary film “Stronger Than Weapon”.

The show will be held at 19:00 on December 16 in a movie theater «U-Cinema», located in the building of the Odessa Film Studio in the French Boulevard.

The film tells about the events in 2013-2014 on Maidan, and followed it Russian invasion and the separatist rebellion in Donbas.

The association itself was founded on November 30 at St. Michael’s Square in Kiev, and a response to the violence in the city. Initially, there were 10 people. At the same time created a manifesto and the concept of association. First, the union was making a movie of civil protest, and then was making a film of civil society.

People gathered to shoot a film about the importance of people wanting and able to change the country. We continue to maintain the anonymity of the authors of the film. All from the very beginning was filmed and photographed on a voluntary basis.

The project has become popular because during the Maidan channels adequately reflected the events of Maidan. Channel on Youtube has become a source of objective information.

Odessa – the sixteenth city in the country, which will host the premiere of the film. It covers the time frame from 30 November, when there was a forceful dispersal of students in Kiev, before the events in Donetsk airport and half months ago.

“Stronger Than Weapon” – a movie about people, about what is happening here and now, is shaping the future, not telling about something far away.

When was Maidan, it was important to convey information about it to the greatest possible number of people. Here, the group was helped by the channel 1 + 1, and Youtube. Now times have changed. And you can watch a movie in a movie theater – an ideal location for viewing.

It is surprising that there is a demand for quality products from foreign television channels, which, in turn, take it from the audience. At the same time there are no proposals from the Ukrainian TV channels for cooperation with the group.

Representatives of the group would like to shoot in the “DPR” and “LPR”. But this is not possible, because there is no guarantee of safety. Of the territory ruled by gangs, and there is not any law.

We’d love to understand and look at the people on the other side, but our crews can end in tears. In Crimea, our crew was captured and stayed a week in the cellars, they were tortured. But that was before the bloodshed.

The film “Stronger Than Weapon” – collective work, when it was created was a lot of controversy, according to one question found consensus quickly, while others went to it for a long time. But the work has really turned the collective.

In the film is regardless the chronology of events on Maidan. You can see and realize all that was there. If someone forgot something, the film will remember.

Some materials were shot on May 9 in Odessa. The shooting took place on Privoz, and they showed that Odessa – the most peaceful city in the world. Here people necessarily agree and find a compromise between themselves.