Putin may attack the Baltic States or Finland to justify the impoverishment of Russians

Alex Dobrozhansky


Odessa, January 16, 2015 – Alexander Dobrozhansky, volunteer, manager, spoke about the deplorable state of the Russian economy, and why Putin needs another war.


Yesterday was a momentous, but not much noticed by the press event. The deadline for payment of compensation to the owners of Russian company Yukos. It amounts to $ 52 billion. Now every day Russia will have to pay almost $ 3 million fine. Most likely it will not do this. This will lead to the fact that half a year abroad will begin arrests of Russian non-diplomatic property.


Also indicative is the 2nd breakdown of talks in Normandy format between Ukraine, Russia, with the participation of separatists. This is because Western countries and Ukraine as a condition to start negotiations pose for Russia the compliance with the Minsk accords, which it always breaks. Without this condition cannot begin negotiations. Russia also uses it for the purpose to aggravate the situation, seize, if possible, additional territory to be ace in the hole.


Putin cannot do anything except be a bully and break through the knee. Volnovakha confirmed this.


Near Schastya and Stanitsa Luganskaya will be some attempts to bend to come to negotiate with a no carte blanche. But the world is changing, and it will not work, and nothing he could achieve in the Donetsk Airport.


Real Russian foreign exchange reserves will be exhausted by the end of the year. And maybe in the middle. To justify the collapse of the economy and divert people’s attention, Putin needs a war. And not with Ukraine. It is therefore possible local conflict in western Russia. This may be the Baltic countries and Finland.