Putin would not capture Donbas and Crimea without his media


Zinovy Medyuh, the representative “Nіchna Varta” of Maidan, I Battalion of National Guard, 12th hundreds of Maidan Self-Defense, said at a briefing about the enormous role of information in modern “hybrid wars”.

We thought we got independence easily, but it turned out that it is not. We have become a nation that cannot kill. We learned not to kill the enemy, and the enemy came with weapons to kill us, our sisters and mothers. First they came to Crimea, then to Donbas. If some of Ukrainians have fought recently, they did not do it for Ukraine, but for the empire, and then for the Union. In fact, the Ukrainians did not fight for their country as much as 300 years, after Catherine II dissolved Sich. Ukrainians did not believe that the little green men – this is serious, that they will shoot us, kill.

We did not have anyone to campaign, raise, and nurture patriotism. The result was a hybrid war and fail in the information war. Clear signals were the events of 2008-09, when we felt the press of Russian gas, but did not make any conclusions.

The role and importance of a simple camera and microphone is huge, but we underestimated their value. We lost this battle. So, that’s why not stupid Russians call and ask, “How do you live, they eat people there!”.

Thank God that Odessa was thinking, and said, May 2, “No, thank you.” Zinovy Medyuh told how recently wanted to see in Odessa declared “Russian march”, but by the number of police officers realized that this provocative march will not take place and he was very happy. For such marches, the activist is sure, it is necessary to send to jail for at least 10 years. So whatever the Police in Odessa, but they were already for Ukraine.

Army until 2014 and after 2014 is two big differences. Now the army is advertised on television, and just before, the only thought was how to get rid of it, and now there go volunteers. The last time we fought for our country about 300 years ago.

Volunteer thank all those who stood up for Ukraine in Odessa. Thanks to everyone, who stood up to defend their land, their children. Yanukovych planned “New Russia”, with its capital in Kharkiv. Kharkiv did not give up, did not give up Odessa, we keep our Ukraine.

Zinovy Medyuh says that often occurs with students in eastern Ukraine. He had recently arrived from Debaltseve. Children there are set to live in Ukraine, not in the “DNR”. Kids are all the same – in Lviv, in Debaltseve and Odessa – they need a unite country, unite Ukraine.

According to the activist, there are three of them, travel in ATO – they communicate with people, singing songs, support our guys on the front line. They are the agitators for Ukraine, the same volunteers who carry thither collimators and pasta.

Volunteers are now forced to serve as a political officer. They are in the Ukrainian army, but they just do not know the history. What can they tell the men? Did they talk about the Kholodnyj Yar, or about the liberation movement in Slobozhanschyna and Donbas? This is Ukrainian land and has always been.