The quality of forensic medical expertise is low, that charges on the event of May 2 can fall apart


Vladimir Sarkisyan, an expert-toxicologist of expert-journalistic investigation team of event on May 2 told at a briefing about the extremely poor performance of forensic and other experts during the investigation.

According to the expert, he carefully studied the five forensic examinations on the basis of which concluded that their results cannot be evidence for the trial. So low is the level of the presented conclusions.

Thus, one conclusion contains the title page of one name of the victim, in the narrative of another name, another name in the final, but with an error. But the person giving testimony signed that he is criminally responsible for the provided information. The impression is that the existing conclusions written with a blueprint of the older studies, hit or miss.

Expert received 5 examinations, and for only one there are no complaints.

In addition to violations directly forensic, according to Vladimir Sargsyan, there is a mass of bugs and narrower experts.

In examinations there are no answers to the questions by the investigator. The investigation could appoint additional or repeated examination. But this was not done.

As a result, low-skilled forensic experts, the low qualification of the employees of the investigation team, leads to the fact that the court may be brought unfair and with politicized solutions.