The region made parsing of errors and ready for new snowfalls

Oleg Dimov

Oleg Dimov, Director of Infrastructure and Housing of the Odessa Regional State Administration, said at a briefing on how the elimination of the consequences of snowfall took place in the Odessa region.


Last night, the governor of Odessa region Igor Palitsa briefly and clearly explained the emergency, that occurred in the region.


Home organization responsible for clearing the roads is Road Service, which is part of Ukravtodor. It is financed by the state. This service must clean snow. There last year passed restructuring. Many of its structures passed into private hands. Because of this, get some errors.


December 25th governor recalled in the letter the head of the Road Service that we must prepare for the coming from the Balkans cyclone. 26th was the first cyclone. There were traffics in some places. On 28th was gathered headquarters – MOE, Road Service, the traffic police and the military. Analyzed the situation and decided that on 29th the traffic police should restrict the movement of trucks and buses. Road Service had to set equipment in places. Media were asked to set a ticker with a request to the drivers not to travel unnecessarily.


Road Service played badly. Traffic police was unable to close the transport time. The following year began with clearing. Here traffic police has worked better and helped in clearing, reported where there is a equipment, and where not. Many well-made MES were rescuing people. Many rural heads very well organized clearing. One of them even pull out the cars and clean way on tractor.


The region worked smoothly and efficiently. There were many kilometers of areas where snow thickness was 1.5-2 meters, and sometimes reaches up to 3 meters.


RSA has taken full responsibility for the control and execution of works on clearing the snow. The biggest problems have arisen in such areas: a) Kernichki-Banovka-Vasilevka in Bolgrad district; b) in Izmail district between the villages Nova Nekrasivka along the route Izmail – Bolhrad; c) the slope near the village of Old Trojans; d) Between the town Tatarbunary and Spassky; d) Monashi; e) Mykolaivka-Novorossiyska of Sarata district; g) Ferry; h) Kuchurgany, Vygoda, Koshary, Vizirka.


In the region during the snowfall there were no casualties, although there have been injuries and fractures, doctors reacted quickly enough.


In the region was involved heavy rotary equipment from Kiev and from Cherkassy. But it was after the New Year. If such snowfall is again, already is developed specific measures to combat the weather. If necessary, the headquarters of the traffic police, emergency, RSA, Ukravtodor and physicians will meet for 20 minutes and will be attracted heavy machinery.


New Snow Equipment will be purchased by charitable foundations, and will address the issue with the plantings along the problematic areas of trails in the region.